My life around a tiny human

Hi everyone!

Can’t believe I haven’t blog for almost 2 months, finally been able to get down (only recently) and start talking nonsenses stuff.

Omg my newborn is keeping me very busy, I’m trying to settle into this routine that evolves only around my daughter. With that being said, I’ll b lucky if I even get a 4.5 hours sleep a day! Even though I’m never a deep sleeper, I used to have the luxury of time to snooze my life away but now it’ll be like a strike of lottery if I can sneak 15 mins of power nap in between. I felt like I’m serving national services cept my lights off only starts at 12 and I have to report for duty at 3 and 7am.
It also doesn’t help that I’m expressing milk exclusively (yes! baby’s feeding on breast milk), it is even more work than direct latching because I need to spend time washing the pumps and bottles, on top of that I’ve to feed her after I pump.

You probably ask why not latch directly then?
Well, I’ve never gotten a good latch since the day she was born, all those nibbling gave me intense pain on my tits.
I’ve seen a lactation consultation but apparently the latching didn’t improve much, I’m still immensely sinking myself in pain, thus the next best thing I could offer is my wholesome goodness in a bottle.
Skin to skin contact the moment she was born.
The beginnings to sore and painful latching that made me stop but I’m I somehow did try my best to latch her during the early times of her birth.

I’ve now gotten used to this new regiment of sleep deprivation, attending to a tiny human round the clock and had attained the highest level of multi-tasking.
While I pump, I could simultaneously fold my laundry and rock my baby to sleep. #truestory
That wretched looking person in a mad man outfit is non other than your truly, unkept hair and milk soaked clothes.

I’ve fully utilize every minute of my time doing something, if I’m not doing the laundry then I must be feeding the little one or probably taking a power nap.
To draft this post takes a lot of effort and careful planning, I have to factor in many empty slots just for this. So what you see here is a post filled with many intervals of drafting.
All in all, I can’t believed I’ve turned from a clueless parent to a super mum (considerably) in a short span of time.
After our Confinement nanny left, my Husb and I are down to ourselves with no additional help within the household. My awesome mum does pop by occasionally to help baby sit and handle the nitty gritty stuff, also for the past week or so we placed baby with my husband’s godmum during the day while we attend to work but ultimately is down to the both of us to handle the night feeds. I’m grateful even for that fraction of help from my extended family to pull through the hard times.

Also I have a great support from other mummy friends who also had given birth around the same time as me; we shared many agonizing moments of how our husbands failed to wake up during our nightfeeds via godsent ‘whatsapp’

Is good to know someone is in the same shoe as me, I had never reveal so much boob information to other party until I started breast feeding.

I’ve also have never been so concern about milk until now, every ounce of breast milk is the key to my baby’s survival in this cold hard world. And yes! I’ve made blunder spillages a couple of occasions especially during the wee hours of the night, is very heart breaking to see your hard work goes down the drain, this case literally on the table top or worse, bed.

However unlike many mothers, I yet to taste my own breastmilk, but I presume I will somehow.
But supply is my least concern, I have abundance of milk sufficient for my baby, I’ve  already accumulate a small stash in my freezer for her ‘future use’
I still remember during the first month, I had to supplement 2 feeds (1 day & 1 night) with formula to tie her through her feedings. When my C.Nanny left, I decide enough is enough and I fed her fully on breastmilk at home and everywhere I go.
Is not easy being out in public frantically finding hot water to warm up my chilled breastmilk. I’ve since learn to make use of a portable warmer which attributed additional weight to my outings.
Regardless of how heavy my diaper bag is, its fulfilling to see that shes full on on natures best antibodies; breastmilk.

What that being said, (ok I really don’t want to jinx it but since we are not verbally talking about her…) things are starting to pay off. My girl is beginning to have a lot more happy moments  as compared to the previously crying no day no night.
Infact at 2 months old my baby is starting her “oohs” and “ahh” and giving me the happiest widest toothless grin whenever I talk to her, sometimes she does talks back you know! Hmph talking about rebellion.
 Looking like a boy.
Passport worthy not?

Also I’ve since attained immunity to her cries, is like music to my ears whenever she wails lol.

Alright that pretty much sums up the insight of my life right now.
I’ll be back soon, till then I’ll be changing soil diapers and milking myself like a cow yo.

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  • Charlene

    Glad to know that there’s another strong advocate of breastfeeding! ^^ Anyway, don’t give up on letting baby R latch on. Keep trying and you might be surprised! Jiayou!

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