This versatile cleansing product is the answer to my baby’s hygiene woes!

When it comes to children’s stuff, my key concerns as a mom are the quality and price of a product.

To me, baby products selling in Singapore are generally safe but to get high quality products, the price point is usually pretty high too.

However, more than price, what matters is the quality of the product. That’s the most important criterion for me to judge a product!

When I discovered Pureen baby products, my search for high quality baby products ended. I breathed a sigh of relief as now I didn’t have to go through shelf after shelf of baby creams and cleansers and get confused in the process!

With a trusted brand like Pureen, with its high commitment to quality, I am able to take care of my baby’s needs hygienically.

Pureen carries a comprehensive range of baby products that are not only safe but also big in value.

Look at the generosity in their quantity! At the same time, their high quality products are suitable for the masses.

Pureen Baby A-B-D (Anti-Bacterial Detergent)

For example, let us pick Pureen A-B-D. It comes in 2 variants—liquid as well as in powder detergent form.

Both contain the same powerful germicide that kills germs on baby wears so that you can be sure that your bibs, nappies and baby clothes are clean and germ free.

Sometimes, I see the way my messy kids eat, rubbing the food remnants onto their clothes I wonder if those stains are ever going to get washed off. I am so glad to discover that Pureen A-B-D combines highly effective ENZYMES that helps remove stubborn stains.

So, what is it going to be for you? Liquid or detergent powder? I personally prefer Pureen A-B-D Liquid detergent a little more as it is more convenient to use. All you need to do is to just measure the quantity onto the cap and pour it into the washing machine, as opposed to powder where it will leave a slight bit of mess if you ain’t too careful with it. Also, the liquid detergent comes with softener which gives my baby clothes a smoother, softer feel to it. And I adore that feel!

However, the detergent powder has its advantages too! For example, if I were to soak in stubborn stains for an extended period of time, I would totally go for the Pureen A-B-D Powder as it leaves no pungent odour even after overnight soaking

Pureen Baby Baby Yogurt Head To Toe Wash

I love how this helps to cleanse my child’s entire body from head to toe while still being able to help gently protect my child’s skin.

Remarkably, Pureen’s ‘Tear-Free’ formula is really suitable for bathroom situations like these
(check out the pic below).

Now I can rest assured that my kids’ delicate eyes and skin are well protected and shielded from irritation.

Look how happy my kids look in the bath, creating bubbles and splashing water onto each other without hurting their eyes!

Pureen Baby Head To Toe Wash is also enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E leaving my babies’ hair soft and shiny with a fresh after-scent making it ideal for adults as well.

Even though I would prioritize using Pureen Baby Head To Toe Wash for my kids but at times when I shower together with Ryleigh, I would get her to help lather the Pureen Baby Head To Toe shower gel onto my back and vice versa. It really helps with bonding with my child, bringing us closer together. Priceless, isn’t it?

Pureen Baby Head To Toe Wash is available in 2 flavours: peach & cherry and blackcurrant & plum

Among these 2 head to toe wash varieties, my favourite scent has gotta be the blackcurrant and plum one as it carries a unique berry smell to it, leaving me feeling fruity and fresh.

Pureen Baby Head to Toe Wash *Best Seller*

Formulated to suit delicate skin, this is ideal for new born babies. It comes with Tear free formula, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your little one’s eyes during bath time. That’s why this product is the best seller of the entire Pureen body wash series!

I like how mild this product is and how it does not cause any discomfort to my little bubs even when they are lathered fully with Pureen from Head to toe.

The added beauty of this product is that it is suitable for adults too., I personally have very dry skin and I enjoy using this wash because it gives added moisture leaving my skin smooth and soft.

Pureen Liquid Cleanser
Tell me this, mums: can you raise a child without cleansers? Don’t think so, right? They are so useful!

Pureen Liquid Cleanser effectively removes milk fats and stains. It come in 3 flavours (from right to left, above): Mint Flavour, No Flavour and Orange Flavour.

Truth to be told, even before they sent me this I’ve already been a user of their liquid cleanser. I really have to say I enjoyed using their product for washing my children’s bottle teats more than any other brands. That’s why this is probably my favourite range from the Pureen series. It is not only limited to washing of bottle teats but also cleaning of vegetables and fruits.

Because it is formulated with plant based surfactants, you can safely use Pureen’s liquid cleanser to remove pesticides that are generally found in your fruits and vegetables.

For me, there are many stages of preference in terms of Pureen Liquid Cleanser. From birth to 2 years old, I would prefer using the No flavour as I’m not comfortable with added fragrant in my baby’s products. However, from 2 years onwards I would go Mint or Orange to give a zest of scent for a more enjoyable washing experience.

Where to buy Pureen’s products in Singapore?

Pureen is not yet available in NTUC and Cold Storage. However, Pureen’s products are easily available at the following shops/outlets:


1. Giant Hypermarkets (IMM, Vivo City, Tampines, Suntec City Mall, Sembawang Shopping Centre, Pioneer Mall, Parkway Parade and Grand Stand)

2. Sheng Siong Supermarkets

3. Mohamed Mustafa & Samsudin Co. Pte Ltd

Departmental / Retailers Stores

1. Kiddy Palace Pte Ltd

2. Tom & Stefaine

3. BHG Singapore (Bugis)

4. CK Departmental Stores

5. OG Departmental Stores

6. Metro (Causeway Point)

7. 1010 Mother and Child (Waterway Point, Seletar, City Square Mall & United Square)

8. Jin Tai Group Pte Ltd

9. Venus Beauty

10. Red Tomatoes (Ang Mo Kio and Tampines)

Online Stores 1. Qoo10 2. Lazada 3. Shopee

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