My experience on Wisdom extraction

While my memory is still vivid n clear, lemme share with u my experience on wisdom tooth extraction,
like freaking 2 days ago.
I’m a wuss when coming to extraction, I had a round of bawling even before I lie down on that theater chair.
Whenever I’m facing such ‘crisis’, as proclaimed by non other than yours truly, anxiety strikes me like plague. I’ll b feeling anxious the day before resulting in loss of sleep, fatigue & e verge of crying.
c I told u I’m a complete wimp, I should b named wimpichin instead.
But nonetheless, I went ahead N extracted the remaining 3 wisdom tooth.
Oh u might b wondering where’s the last one?
Here u go…
This macho-mary was extracted like 4 yrs ago?
The results…. traumatizing.
why the hell Macho-mary eh?
This tooth, bigger and stronger than the rest, Constantly gymming frm underground.
Its weightlifting segment granted me loads of throbbing headaches from time to time, yet refusing to sprout from the gums n challenge me.
I visited several dentist, hoping I could somehow get rid of the agony by eliminating the extraction but all of them shook their heads like diagnosing the remaining days of a cancer patient.
So…I pulled up my fucking socks, bra, clothes, headband & whatever is needed & battle it out with that extraction. Like what I’ve mentioned earlier, I cried a round of mother earth and back before I head to the clinic.
the dentist was terrible….
He was in a huuuuuuuuge rush, he simply extracted me like an adolescence yanking open a stuck jar tin with a screw driver.
To make things worse…he didn’t blind my eyes & the moment I open them, I saw this huge fishhook shaped needle sewing up the necessary.
Well… the rest of the night, my dad had to come & picked me up coz I was blacking out from time to time.
Agonizing isn’t it?
WELL…. I thought this time round I’ll face the same traumatic experience.
Somemore this time I have to extract 3 tooth at one go, I felt like I’m digging my own grave.
So storming with the same protocol, I burst in tears… blah blah… the same old story before I get to the operation couch.
Somehow it was a little different, the dentist wasn’t in a rush But he wasted no time in getting the tooth out.
The staff are all v encouraging, they held my hand like no tomorrow.
I was squeezing this particular lady-Farrah hands so tightly, think I might’ve broken her joints. She wasn’t the key-person in the operation room but still she stayed on, hold on to me & even accompanied me to the loo. Oh, but no she didn’t pee on my behalf.
Ant then there is this chirpy lady, sorry didn’t get her name seriously, she hop around the place like a bunny & by being sucha sweetheart she really lifted my mood for a bit.
Ok n how for the key person Dr Aidan Yeo, he’s like a nomadic dentist & one of the no doubt best surgeons around. Google his name & u’ll c infos of him plastered all over the net.
I told him I heard of his fame & he claims he’s a lil pressurize…so funny right?
I’m even more pressurize, my mouth is being work on!
Ignore the machomary on the left & This r the tooth that got worked on.
Before he started his engine going… he posted a question: ” so do u have any medical problems ?”
I immediately answered : ” No doc, I dun have heart attack”
Everyone burst into laughter.
well… that was the first thing that comes to my mind. Like how they warn u on heart issues riding a roller coaster or something.
haha but never mind.
Here comes the pain.
The anesthetic shots was painful. no doubt.
I gagged & teared.
And so, he told everyone to gimme a few mins while the numbing takes place, But I think he secretly went for toilet break.
So When he got back, he started fixing me like a clockwork.
Pressure & stress definitely did not leave me throughout the whole ordeal but what makes a difference is, I had my earphones plugged, my eyes binded, my hands held & sweet echoing voices of Dr Yeo. Wee~
Ok at one time, when they are extracting my upper wisdom, it seemed that the whole clinic are placing their hands on my head & firm me into position.
To reminisce that phrase, is so funny I tell ya…
but at that point in time… NO.
Good riddance to these little devils.
One broke into half, I think Dr yeo mini chainsaw that tooth to get it out.

So after the surgery, feeling slightly low coz I can’t talk & eat & Kept swallowing blood…
And so, that leaves me with string of medication.

But the agony didn’t last very long.
Coz I have a bunch of dblchinis givin me the utmost support on twitter, fb & I’m sure over at camwhore city© !
I’ll b back to my oldself very soon!
Chubby bunny…
Oh btw I thought I’ll slim down but I didn’t… wtf.
in kilograms.
Ps* this is not for advertising purpose, I paid a totaly of $1.8k via medisave for my extraction. But stay tune for more updates! I have exciting news coming up pertaining to this~


  • Kelvin

    Wow, ur wisdom tooth is huge…my friend lost a good 10 kg after he plucked out his. From a fatty to a hunk haha XD

    U will be prettier than before^^

  • Ken

    omg your face is all puffy
    and that one tooth didn’t even look like a tooth, it looked like part of your jawbone!

    39kg?! you are already super skinny. what are u losing weight for?

  • Susie

    Omg, THEY’RE HUGE! I remmeber my sister got her wisdom teeth pulled out & she came back home still high laughing about the toilet paper at our house, hahah funniest moment everrrr. Your cheeks look kinda’ cute though :P Like a little chipmunk, pahahah.

  • citrella

    Brave dblchin. ((BIG hug for you))

    As for my case (I left comment at fb saying I was hospitalised. Well, I extracted 3 at a go (2nd attempt)(same situation as you). However the pain was throbbing and it affected me.

    I went back to the same dentist and he said he cannot do anything but just asked me to wait for the ache to go away.

    I was in pain for 3 days. Then I sought a second opinion. Went to dentist number 2. He gave me a stronger dose of painkillers.

    I took it for a day. I vomitted like hell. In one night, I vomitted 4 times. I already couldn’t eat much, yet still vomitted so many times.

    Then on the 5th time (upon vomitting) same day, I felt weak and I almost black out.

    Parents rushed me to Mount A. I was put on drip.

    I saw two doctors. One for my gastric and another dental specialist. I stayed one night at Mount A and two weeks later, had to go back for follow up.

    That’s how horrible it was for me.

  • EuniqYou

    Those teeth are huge! either that your macro shot is damn good (can capture so upclose). And EEKS!! really quite an experience huh. Im glad you made it through!! Bravo girlie! hugs!

    yes, btw u are damn light can! i’ll bring u to fatten up! heh

  • hevn

    Phewww… atleast they are all gone right?
    I extracted 4 of my wisdom tooth (one shot)less than a month ago too. I did mine in our local government hospital and cost me about RM70 for everything including GA and a night stay at the ward.

    I didn’t cry and was happily bouncing on the bed the day before, so happily ignorantly optimistic.

    Waking up from GA was hell for me but in the end, hey it’s all gone! Yay us!

    Anyway, your 39.1kg? So light! I’ll feel like a giant if I stood next to you T.T

  • Kaizi

    Hey Clara!
    Ya looking great & need not lose any weight at all! Fret not! I hope ya recovering well & looking gd on your B.B Cream advert! See you when you remove your stitches! Take Care! =)

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