My Bridal Work- Bridal Hairdo

I know I’ve been posting loads of my bridal works on my Facebook page and instagram which limits me to certain things like posting 2 collated pictures into one page.
So then I decided to consolidate some hairstyles (if you haven’t seen any) which I find interesting and share it with you all here!
you will find a variety of mixes as I’ve learn some of them in schools and some are done at my own free time. Whatever it is, I’ve put 101% effort in achieving these looks be it the length of time to complete them.
So please no non-constructive criticism because it doesn’t aid what I’m doing right now.
Here goes:#1-My first hair lesson in class, 1/2 updo on dummy.

 photo image.jpeg #2- That very night I went home to try out my very first full updo.
 photo 995295_538539909535904_631312250_n.jpg

#3- Then on my own free time I picked up a new hairdo I learn on Youtube, elegant braids.
 photo 1016110_540767172646511_342805160_n.jpg

It escalated pretty quick, so I started on playing around with read heads.
#4- My practice on kathy.
 photo 1017414_540764892646739_1362929194_n.jpg#5- Then Mint

   photo 1005571_545422192181009_1767920976_n.jpg#6- And Silver
 photo 1016615_545422812180947_1896581386_n.jpg

#7- More intricate hairstyle in school! My tutor loves the braided rose.
 photo 1016171_544901718899723_1948512024_n.jpg

#8- and lastly hairstyle for my current bride.
 photo 942358_550109515045610_347931737_n.jpg

Sorry for the short and abrupt captions, just stay tune for more!
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