My Aesthetics’ Journey with Nu-Reflections [Laugh Lines and Botox]

*updates 17th Feb, this treatment was done last November, client only approved the draft recently.
(Warning: Some of the following images are of moderate graphic nature and might give your goosebumps.)

Finally, I’m down to my last blogpost with Nu-Reflections, as much as I enjoyed blogging about it, everything has to come to a closure. In this blogpost, I’ll be covering mostly on laugh lines, probably the most frightening issue I’ve face.I always thought ageing only focus mostly crows feet and MRT track on the forehead but I was so so wrong, When I was first introduced to laugh lines, I can’t help but taken aback by the significant changes to my features. It was like one fine day I woke up and look in the mirror and discovered this faint impression residing around the corners of my mouth. Sad to say it never went away, I was constantly fretting over that 2 lines overtime.
When Dr Ivan Tan decides to insert some fillers on the laugh lines, I was more than happy to oblige! Finally I can ease my worries at least for another 9 months! Like another fillers on other areas, injecting is mandatory and moulding the area into desirable shape.
Admiring the after pictures Dr Tan took of me.
But at the end of the day, nothing beats non-invasive procedures like Fillers, Ultra V-Lift and Botox, these are the treatment that could keep you happy for at least 9 long months.

Remember I first talked about my first blogpost on the extra1/2 Juvederm fillers? ahhh now you know the remaining syringe of goodness is used for my laugh liners!

Aside from that, to lift and firm up my chin Dr Tan injected botox on either side of my jawline.

Botox is painless for many but I do felt a pinch of ant bite sensation whenever the needle is injected onto the desired area. Never mind the little pox that emerges over here, it will subside over a few hours.

When it comes to Botox Treatment, patient is a virtue.
Time is needed to tighten the area thus the result won’t be immediate, also a follow up is needed in a weeks time so as to further access the ‘patient’s’ condition.Admiring the ‘After’ pictures that Dr Tan took of me
Double chin is a real annoyance, as a Make Up Artist there are so many ways I could offer, let me list some examples for you:
Ways to conceal your Double Chin
#1- Contouring and highlight
The best form of camouflage is the contour palette. With that you can darken unflattering areas and highlight areas you want it to pop with light swiping motion.
#2- Playing with Angles
Ok this only works on still pictures, playing with angles is very important when posing for the camera. Find your most comfortable angle and start practicing selfies. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work the first few times, I’m sure you’ll get it somehow.
#3-Thick Brows
Ok this has nothing to do with concealing of Double chin but it will take some attention away from that bulging fat right where it disgust you most. A good set of brows frames the face well, so be sure to keep them full yet subtle (in shade/tone) so it will make you look younger. Babies(usually has fuller brows) look cute with double chin, so perhaps that’ll work on you.
#4-Face Lifting Cream
Face lifting cream usually takes away the water retention, it don’t necessary burn those fats under your chin but instead of suffering with a puffy face especially during mornings, why not try this emergency fix?
#5- Facercise
Ok this is highly recommended for the exercise junkies, facercise basically means exercising your face  giving all the muscles a good workout. The very basic exercise involves lifting your face up (like diagram shown) until you feel the tension for a good 10 seconds, relax and repeat. 10 mins a day should be suffice.

At the end of the day, nothing offers a more substantial result than non-invasive treatments like Fillers, Ultra-Vlift and Botox. Not only the results are significant, they also kept me looking good for at least 9 good months. I’m not expecting to look totally different from the original ‘me’ but I’m glad with the help of these treatment I could enhance certain point of my features making them looked more structured and defined. It definitely helps to boost my self-confidence too.
Aside from saying that I still embrace my own beauty, in short I’m still me :D

My journey with Nu-Reflections is a fulfilling one, not only I get to learn the aspects behind these treatments I get to experience them myself too.
With that I would like to thank once again Dr Ivan Tan And Bianca from MFP for giving me a chance  to improve the appearance of my face.

For more information on Nu-Reflections please visit:
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