My Aesthetics’ Journey with Nu-Reflections [Korean Trend Ultra V-Lift]

(Warning: *omg exciteness finally my turn to display a cautionary example!* Some of the following images are of moderate graphic nature.)
Blogpost 1- Fillers [Double Chin Concerns]
Lets talk about part2 of my treatment with Nu.Reflections Medical Aesthetics. This blogpost I’ll be covering the very famous Korea Ultra V-lift that took the world by storm.
So whats Korean ultra V-lift?
It is a skin-tightening procedure that involves fine (needle) threads that are commonly used in general surgery. It helps to tighten, firm, and sculpt the face back in shape.
I’m privilege to be one of the few who received this aesthetic procedure from Nu-Reflections, aside from that it was done in a short span of time (approx 10 mins-exclude numbing). Ultra V-lift can be applied on many areas: on the body and face including the neck, nose, eye corners, cheeks, neck. forehead and nose.However, this time round Dr Tan decides to target on my first world problem : my double chin.
Unlike fillers, this requires a little more pain tolerance, thus my chin was numbed 20 mins beforehand therefore explains that flap of cling wrap under that area.
Inspecting my newly done fillers while waiting for the numbing to take effect.
Getting ready to brace myself for multiple surgical jab.
What is needed to be done is, threads are inserted into the skin to stimulate fibroblasts. Collagen will then be stimulated and activated till the embedded thread is completely absorbed.
I would say even with numbing cream, this treatment is not a painless procedure. Although tolerable, it hurts slightly more than fillers and Botox treatment. If you scroll down to the next video, you can see a needles inserted simultaneously, this is to aggravate and stimulate collagen growth.
Here’s a more detailed video of the procedure.

If you need tips on Before and During procedure please refer to my last blogpost (link at beginning of blogpost) on fillers is pretty much the same. Except you need to filter a little more waiting time for the numbing cream to take effect.

As for the After Procedure, do take note of the following:
Although there is no pain felt after treatment, your skin will feel slightly numb so do not be alarmed if you suddenly lost the feeling of your nerves.
That there will be brusing after treatment, You can take a look at the screen shots I filmed with NOC for their last year’s video “Ying Yang Twins” This was shot 2 days after my procedure and the bruising shown onscreen is pretty obvious so do take note on that.


Other than the pain factor there is absolutely nothing to complain about towards Ultra V-lift. The result is significant (also with the help of fillers) as you can see below.
The chin is more defined and sharp and that extra flap of baby fat is less visible.
I definitely recommend Ultra V-lift to anyone who wants a more defined and sculpted face.
Thanks to Nu-reflections for this treatment, do stay tune for my last blogpost for treatment of laugh lines!
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