My Aesthetics’ Journey with Nu-Reflections [Double Chin Concerns]

For many years I’ve been haunted by this dark truth regardless of my petite frame. Standing at 153cm weighing about nearly 43kg, I’m considerably small for my size…
But, there an open secret that everyone knows; is call it the Dblchin (duh!)
Surviving with a short and receding chin is not easy, it affects greatly on both my appearance as well as my morale.
For example, I’m wary of to looking down at something afraid that someone will spot me with that extra lump of fat sticking out from the side (then maybe that someone won’t ask for my number anymore),

I also have to arch my face forward for pictures, if not this will become my worse nightmare.

Taken in 2002 when I was around 19 before I corrected my teeth and weighed around 37kg. 

Sorry I need to protect my friend’s identity because we both look horrendous. You can see the layer of fats underneath my chin which is unbelievable for a girl of such weight.
My friend Ryan, from Night Owl Cinematics mentioned that if I send this photo in for casting, he will make sure I become famous for the wrong reason.*Kill me please*
But hey I’m sure I look like a chio last time, see how confident I used to flash my crooked teeth!

As I got older, my makeup skills improved tremendously (although still look somewhat buang here) but no matter how good it gets there are some things you just can’t correct.

This was taken around 2008, I was around the same weight but never grew taller. My teeth was still crooked until 2010.
No need to censor this person, is just my husband. If I look crappy, he as a lawfully wedded significant other shall go down the grave with me, 1 for all, all for 1!
OK *inhales deeply* 1 more to go.
Damn this is hard, looking at the compilation of ugly photos.
Taken 1 year apart during CNY,  I probably weigh around 39kg by then. 

 My chin over here looks somewhat improved because I accepted several aesthetic treatments but still you could spot a fair share of fold underneath and it looks receded.
I supposed I’m posing to look sexy but what say u? Please don’t say I look like a pig ok, the truth hurts.
Not intending to censor my handsome companion here, people say we are worlds apart but I have nothing to hide, we are from the same mother.This, you never see it coming.
My double chin runs deep, lets say it starts from a very young age.
[inserts baby photo, will edit first]

Hearing my cries, fairy god mother Bianca from My Fat Pocket aka MFP came to my aid. Actually this isn’t the first time Bianca introduced me to go for aesthetic treatment. I’ve previously received radio frequency from her source, I have to say my double chin really did improve but only for a very short span of time (like a month?!). This time round she was really nice again to ask if I wanted to take up an offer from Doctor Ivan Tan at Nu-Reflections AestheticsHub to receive a series of non-invasive procedures.

Of course I said yes to anything that could eliminate if not minimise my double chin.
So I went down for my first consultation to say hello to Dr Tan and get to know more about the procedures that I’ll be receiving. Little did I know he wasn’t just your regular aesthetic doctor, he contains a mixed of ‘yoz, wassup, hi, ^5,’ funny but serious, but still funny.
He is also very garang, will explain more in a bit.

We spoke about my concerns and addressed my troubled double chin, we also talked about other areas like my laughed lines, hindering mole at the side of my cheek, uneven face shape…blah blah.

So we ended our 1st session with a hell lot of options and here I’m, lying on the treatment bed for my 2nd session still not knowing what I’ll be receiving. The anticipation makes me nervous and excited!

I’m supposed to get my face cleansed and numb before seeing Dr Tan but before the therapist could get a chance to numb my face I was called in to see doctor.

And so Doctor Tan took a look at me and said “Ok can lets start!”
Bianca and me are like “Huh? Start Simi?”
“Of course the fillers for your chin la!” giving me a wide grin.
Fillers is not all.
To reduce the appearance of my double chin, Dr Tan decides to use 3 different treatment: 3D Ultra V-lift, Botox Treatment and of course the good ol’ Fillers.Dr Tan proceeds to use filler from Juvederm and injects 1and 1/2 syring into my chin area, the other 1/2 will let you know where it went in my subsequent post.
I was expecting the worst pain that could possibly happen but apparently Dr Tan’s technique is so good it’ll be a waste of time if I were to go through the numbing process. It took me less than 30 mins and my new chin is done!
Admiring myself intensely in the mirror. Oh whats new?!
Oh btw if you are thinking why is there a piece of shrink wrap right under my chin?
That is the only area I was numbed for 3D Ultra V-lift, more on that on my later posts.
With that my new chin is complete!
Things to note:Before Procedure
Remain calm, this way muscle will be less tense and it makes injection way lot easier. Ask for numbing cream if you are ultra afraid of pain, actually I’m too but without numbing works ok for me so I’m sure you’ll do just fine! Is subjective though, so choose a doc you really trust!During Procedure
Slight pinching can be felt during the injection of fillers but nothing more than an ant bite. If you experience further pain, stop your doctor immediately. Also do expect some pressure at the injected area because pressing is needed to mould the fillers into desirable shape.

After Procedure
Do not rest your hand onto the affected area for the next 7 days, because fillers are still forming into shape thus any additional pressure might cause the area to change slightly.
Also do expect some light bruising on the areas which are treated, they can last for a few days, mine lasted for 5.Remember there is no downtime, cosmetics could be used even right after the treatment.  Fillers from Juvederm although temporary, it can last for 9months up to a year.This are the results after 5 days:
My chin definitely looks sharper and less receded now, most of all the double chin is significantly  reduced! It shows up so well in photos, you really have to see it have to believe it!
Last but not least, a must watch documentary of me! lol.
[insert video]I’m so grateful for having Dr Tan and Bianca in my beauty journey, do stay tune for part 2 and part 3 where I talk more about the various treatments I received from Nu-Reflections!


*This is a sponsored post

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