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My hair has always been coarser in texture, thick and voluminous but in a wavy mess. In order to neaten the appearance of my hairstyle, I tend to go for rebonding which flattens the the hair even up to the base so it’ll look tamer than usual. Though is nice to have neat and flat easier to manage hair, I suffered the aftermath of having dried brittle ends which made me looked like Afghan Hound for the months ahead.

When I was 7-8months pregnant with Travis, Charles introduced me to Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Hair Treatment. A formaldehyde-free treatment perfectly safe for everyone (even for expectant) that helps to tame out frizz yet at the same time giving life and bounciness to the appearance of my hairstyle.
It was a little hard to believe, I’ve gone through several salon hair treatments and they only made my hair good for the day after that it goes back to its original state. However, after hearing so many good stuff about Dyna treatment, I decided to give it a shot.

Wavy and unruly hair

It start off with a light hair wash after which Mucota Dyna Argan Oil product is then applied onto wet hair for treatment to take effect. Product needs to leave in for 30 minutes.

When time is up, I’m ushered in for another hair wash to rinse away all products, after that my hair was blow dried thoroughly for the next step to come

Pretty similar to the steps of rebonding (except less damaging), my hair is smooth out with a flat iron to infuse treatment oil into those hair follicles. This way it will keep hair tamed yet nourished and bouncy~*Dionk Dionk*
DSC05800 DSC05801

After ‘kiaping’ my hair, fixing cream is then applied for another 10 minutes to lock the moisture and product in. DSC05803 DSC05805

Here’s the result! Tada!
Hair is smooth and manageable yet not too flat for my liking.
DSC05808 DSC05812

Look how tamed my hair looks!

Thank so much ah Charles!

There is no ‘downtime’ I can wash my hair almost immediately that evening and it will still stay the same state. Usually when I do rebonding, the next few washes my hair will somehow looked a little less ‘straight’. Also with rebonding once the roots grow, it will tend to give a very weird ‘artificial angle’ to the root area, especially for those with super curly/frizzy hair.
With Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Hair Treatment, when your new hair grows, it gives a very nice natural curve. It also helps to give hair much needed volume but at the same time keeping it tame and frizz free.
(Day 1 of Dyna hair treatment)

Noticed my hair is not laid flat towards my hair, instead it gives a very nice airy and bouncy feel to it.
(Day 3 of Dyna hair treatment)

After more than a week my hair is still manageable and on point.
(Day 10 of Dyna hair treatment)

Verdict & Other information
Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Hair Treatment can lasts up to 6 months.
Like I mentioned earlier, thought the steps are pretty similar to rebonding, the results are far from it. I never been more satisfied with my current hair texture, it gives my hair so much ‘life’. My hair is now easier to managed and frizz free. Good thing is I don’t need to spend too time infront of the mirror straightening my hair with a flat iron, time is precious especially now with 2 kids in tow.
Because this is a hair treatment, you do not need to apply extra products to maintain or keep it in check, the above pictures taken over a course of days are product-free, nothing was applied except blown dry with hair dryer after wash.
However I got to highlight that the price point is a little high, starting from $250-$350 depending on the length of your hair. But hey, remember you are paying for quality stuff! Trust me, is seriously worth it.

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