MIA, I had a fall…

Ok, this hiatus is taking way too long.
I was actually pretty active 2 weeks ago but was momentarily cut short last week.

Well, not that I was slacking back but last week was indeed a busy week for me, I had back to back appointments, Blogger events, MUA assignments also filming with Night Owls (probably) for the one last time before my mobility start evolving into snail pace. I do want to be an active mama but unfortunately my actions and appearance doesn’t permit me to anymore, all the chubby cheeks is making me look ‘fat’ onscreen.
I’m also unable to climb high and low or walk faster than usual without feeling like a drunken penguin in action.  But having said that I’m now officially in my third trimester, yays! Time files~

Well of course, nothing’s more exciting than feeling little Chin’s nudges, pokes and kicks.
They are getting stronger, more fearsome and most of the time little chin cause such a stir that my tummy vibrates violently like a Massage chair. Fyi an Osim Udivine cost almost 7k, I’m so glad mine is free lol.

Unfortunately not all is smooth sailing, I had a light fall a few weeks ago. Wore my most expensive pair of slippers out for breakfast (if you insist on knowing the brand is called ‘fit flops’) and walked alongside my husband when I lost my balance and fell forward.
The good thing is I landed on my knee instead, heave a sligh of relief but for sure that was a heart stopping moment, I cannot imagine the worse thing that could happen if my tummy was to hit the ground first.
IMG_7376But ok la, still feeling very garang so I slapped on a plaster and wore my 2″ wedges for Owl’s Meet and Greet #YTFF that afternoon.
Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 6.18.21 pm
Pic credited to Rayna, an Owl supporter  :)

The next few weeks is all about clearing my currently assignments and pig out because I can no longer eat normally, devouring is probably the best word to use on me now. Gaining weight rapidly week by week is no joke, still I try to control by snacking less but I really don’t how long it’ll last. Oh and now that 3rd trimester has hit me, I’m back to sleeping beauty mode. The energy level seems to drain me out overnight and I constantly needs to Zzz after nomming!

But life has served me well, my schedule in oct and nov is already filling up fast and I still have hair and makeup enquiries pouring in despite the absence in updating my portfolio.

Like always, I’ve always been grateful for I choose to see the positive side of life.
Thanks for reading my blog and my not so epic adventure in my less graceful fall, lol.

Is noms time again. byes.

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