Maternity pictures close to the heart

This year I took a different approach on my maternity shoot, letting go the perpetually happy expression that is always presented on social media in exchange for something closer to heart. Something raw & (almost) unphotoshopped images.
I though what better way to commemorate this pregnancy by having myself behind and infront of the camera. So I set up my tripod and get this ‘selfie’ going.
With the aide of my mobile phone, I linked both devices (camera and phone) and placed it on timer. Needless to say, running on a one man show makes everything a notch harder. I had to make sure everything looks ok; lighting, perspective, angle etc. Though I didn’t specially act posey for every shot, I still have to grasp hold of some quality angles that are deemed ok-ish.

In contrast with my last maternity shot, the face you see here is completely makeupless and done with minimal editing, only lighting and levels adjustments was used to create some nice contrast to the pictures.
In short, I went full steam allowing those unsightly areas take the lead. To remind myself is ok to appear listless, worn out and exhausted. We are humans afterall.

However, I do hope they make the cut.



DSC06107 DSC06352-copy

In terms of weight, I didn’t gain very much this time round because Travis came at 38weeks (Ry was 40weeks 3 days) so thankfully my double chin wasn’t very prominent lol. But I was enormously big, the tummy was really stretched out of proportion that I pretty much lost my belly button.
I heard from my gynae if Travis would have been carried to 40 week term like Ry (3.59kg), he would weigh no less than 3.8kg at birth *jaw drop*

However this time round, the marks didn’t beat me down. I’ve since come to terms with my new self which I call it the mummy’s body.
Seeing myself in a new perspective, I now look at those stretch marks in a very special way. Like wow, I actually harvest 2 relatively big little humans in there. I guess the ‘flaws’ really don’t matter because motherhood is far more superior than that.
Well, that doesn’t stop me from working hard again to tone up the flabby areas.


I’ve kept relatively quiet about this pregnancy, practically went under the radar.
Neither trying to act mysterious nor being secretive, I just wasn’t ready to tell.
Sometimes when you faced many downs you wouldn’t pinned on having any ups. However, when Travis physically came into our world, the phrase ‘every child is is a miracle’ make sense all over again.

Forever thankful and grateful.
❥ dblchin ❥


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