[Make] Wild Peacock Colours

Hellos Everyones!
Thought I do a combination of wild peacock colours using my existing stash. As much as I enjoy creating this look, it wasn’t easy putting all these colours together especially with my mini undefined asian eyes. To be honest unless you are a super model or you happen not to be a chinese or maybe your bloodline carries exotic eye traits, this kind of makeup can end up with so many wrongs!
So in order to make less possible mistakes, I decide to do some diy corrective eye alterations before/after attempting with these funky colours. Thus, there will be something up in my next post (or next few post) in conjunction with this look; how I managed to created a thicker/higher double eyelid using Miss Bow Bow eyelid tape. So do stay tune for my upcoming blogposts!

For this look I’ve used a combination of loose bright pigments to bring out the intensity of the colours. As bold as it looks, I constantly remind myself to keep it wearable for you girls out there.

The key to bringing out manic eyeliners(especially for eyes like mine) like Turq, Purple, Neon pink, Orange etc, the trick is to always use them with black! Tighline the upper waterline with a bold black eyeliner and also run a thin line across the upper lash line, this way it’ll form a nice rainbow-like effect at the same time helping to bring out the needed dimension my eyes are constantly lack of!

And Here are the Products used!

Hello Kitty duo Eyeshadow  HK0014 Bleu Forever

Dazzzle Dust BarryM 22 N 27

EDM Mystic Night

EDM Anna Karenina

L’Oreal infailible  002 Hourglass Biege

Maybelline Coloue tattoo 35 Tough as taupe

Nars Orgasm

Nars Gaiety Blush

Lancome Hypnose Star Waterproof

Maybelline Hyper glossy  liquid liner Turq Blue

Etude House Brow Mascara 04

Etude House Drawing Eyebrow 03 brown

I realized that the eye colours are very much inline with my faded ombre hair!
DSC00011 DSC00013
Hope you like my #motd!

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