[Make + Review] Urban Decay Naked3

DSC00016Urban Decay is amazing, I have to say they are the experts at luring, enticing me to buy their products!
Like any other beauty addicts, I have with me the recent Naked 3 palette, a totally different set of neturals. While Naked 1 and 2 carries a range of  sandstone shades, this Naked3 (available at Sephora) comes in a range of pink shades. I have to say is refreshing to see something different from the Naked family for once but when it comes to making up for brides Naked 2 is still my staple.
I’ll probably swatch them all at once when I get my hands on the pioneer version of Naked.

Using this palette I created a very soft pink look that carries a subtle sultry finish to it I guess is all down to the selection of colours available on this palette.
The plumpy effect is actually this year’s trending colour and Urban Decay has cleverly packed them into a tone down version using the pinks and purples. DSC00014

Hope you enjoy this look and please try not to pay too much attention to that flak amidst my hair, I must’ve overlooked that piece of dandruff while photoshopping. DSC00009

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