[Make + Review] Medusa Makeup

I’m always a fan of cruelty free makeup (think TheBodyshop and lime crime) and when Stars and Charms approached me to review about Medusa Makeup, I gladly agreed.

Medusa makeup actually carries in a huge variety of eyeshadows in other pigments.They have pressed eyeshadows (as seen below) in 24/more colours, Micro glitters, eye dusts.DSC00006For availableĀ colours please dropĀ  Stars and Charms a message on their facebook page.

I have with me 4 individual eyeshadows from the Safari Collection. DSC00007

The pigment is not very well received without the influence of a primer, thus prior to applying colours from the pressed shadow range please remember to use a good base. Regardless of the downside, it actually act as good tap on colour on top of matt/pearl shades, it gives that subtle glitter effect to the entire look. DSC00008

Ok this is another exciting part of the review, I have never attempted trying out of weird colours on my lips before.
I have to say I’m slightly freaked by the electric purple I’ve received here and literally cringed at the punny name ‘undead’.
But it wasn’t so bad after, I actually enjoyed this out of the world lips! Not that is good for regular days but is definitely a party perfect colour.

Onto the quality of this product:
Is not exactly pigmented but it sure glides smooth even on my chapped lips and is very sheer. You’ll notice the base of my lip colour is actually seeping through your vision, I guess it’ll work better if I’ve prep my lips with foundation/lip concealer beforehand. DSC00018

This barbie doll pink is a colour to die for, the effect is almost artificial and cartoon-like! Unlike ‘undead’, Mami is very pigmented. With such opacity, is impenetrable to even notice my original lip colour.
Still for some this might seems a little too overly done as the superficiality of this pink is slightly higher than other soft and pale shades. DSC00014

For this #MOTD I’m using 3 shades Jungle Fever, Black Gold and Liger to create my Look. DSC00008-1

Because of the lack of dark shades, I actually incorporated black from UD (Naked 2) palette to create the needed dimension on the outer corners and lower lash line. DSC00002

DSC00007-1Hope you enjoy my Review and make!

*Products are sponsored, opinions are my own.

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