[Make + Review] Lime Crime Velvetine – Pink Velvet, Suedeberry

Hellos, a beauty post featuring my favourite Lime Crime products the ‘Velvetines’.
I guess I’ve talked about LC velvetines before but this new colour is definitely a worthy mention. Oh! Incase you haven’t realise, they’ve already launch 3 more colours in their new #cluelesswitch collection, I really can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Lime Crime Velvetines are one of the lip stains that really stays true to its colour, here I have with me a printscreen of one of fresher colours (not the latest but it came out a couple of months before #Cluelesswitch) “Pink Velvet” extracted from their website
Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 12.32.56 pm
Their Pink Velvet swatch is very opaque and vibrant, thus lets take a look at mine.
Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 12.33.19 pmThe colour is as authentic as can be, a very close match to the swatch above, consistency is thick and it dries completely matte. I pronounced it 99% stain proof (nothing is a 100% guarantee even condoms) so long you don’t start munching oily stuff but trust me, even touching up is minimal.
Best of all because is such an intense colour, whenever I wear this out I end up to turning a lot of heads. I suppose the chiropractor gotta thank me if they get a small increase in the business.
Lets talk a little about the colour, a very strong bold pink shade that is nothing like the ordinary. So if u r not so extraordinary *cough* like…*cough* me *Cough* then don’t bother, you’ll probably end up feeling awkward at every possible situation. However, if you one of those who enjoys the attention, loves loud colours, this is most suitable for your taste.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 12.32.28 pm
I won’t elaborate much on the following colour “Suedeberry” because I’ve done a review on this before, so instead this is just like a side to the main dish above to show you the pictures from the website and the ones I took on a different occasion (as compared to the last review) with stronger eye makeup. The last time I mentioned that Suedeberry is my least favourite colour from the Velvetine collection, well…I wouldn’t say I’ve grown fond of it but at least this time round I feel it goes better with stronger eyeliner and a higher crease.
Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 12.32.45 pm

Sorry if my pic looks slightly faded here because I had adjusted lighting but not to worry, this coral shade is richer than it seems.
IMG_5765You can now find original Lime Crime products over at this website (PinkPoutsg.com) for SGD30.00/tube, provides free shipping for normal postage.
Even though the original Lime Crime website is selling at USD20 (after conversion rate approx SGD25.00) you still need to pay a flat rate shipping of USD10.95 (approx SGD 14). So if you are looking to only buy just 1 or 2 colours, I say is worthier to buy straight from Pink Pout.
Unless you are some hardcore junkie or manages to rope even your grandma to purchase 101products Lime Crime, by all means go get straight from their site(Limecrime.com)

s1393636-main-LheroFor my eyemakeup I’m using colours from Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, the reason why the blending of both eyes looked different (when closed) is because of Miss bow bow eyelid tape or maybe my blending is just sux balls.
The thing about Miss bow bow eyelid tape is it makes it harder to blend once you stick them on, Or if you choose to do it the other way round(stick on the glue after eyemakeup is completed) the glue tends to create a slightly muddier look depending on the amount your apply.
In short I chose to believe the former, period yo.
The most important thing is my eye looks balance when I open them, double period yo.

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