[Make+ Review] Freshkon 1-Day Alluring Eyes contact lens

I’ve recently received 10 pairs of FreshKon Alluring Eyes for review. I’m an avid Colour contact lens wearer despite having did lasik 7 years ago (I’m still power perfect -0.00).
However, my eyes are usually drier than people who have not attempted lasik before so that’s usually the downside of going through this procedure.
On the contrary, I’ll be a perfect candidate for the latest Freshkon technology, the newest 1-day Alluring Eyes contact lens infused with Hyaluronic Acid as an ocular lubricant + UV inhibitor that blocks 80% UVA and 96% UVB, wah macham skincare for the eyes!  DSC00020
So glad that I asked to try all 3 colours because this way I could chart out a variety of shades (see below). Actually these lens act more like an enhancement for outlining bigger eyes instead of providing that obvious cosmetic uplift like blue or green lens does.
I love how it says daily disposable because, is completely fuss free when you wear and throw in one day.

Here I have with me in all 3 colours: Magnetic Gray, Mystical Black and Winsome Brown.
Freshkon 1-Day Alluring Eyes contact lens carries a wide power range from -0.00D to-10.00D

Here are the variety of shades worn on me:
But before that, lets start with my original eye colour; a very dark shade of brown under natural lighting.DSC00023DSC00022-copy

Here I’m wearing Magnetic Grey; now my eyes looked slightly tinted and the outline of my eyes are deepened and much enlarged with the ring surrounding it.

In Mystical Black: this particular jet black really make me look slightly cockeyed when I put multicolour eyeshadows but it goes perfectly with full lashes and neatly lined dark/black eyeliner. Monochrome is really a heavenly match with this colour.DSC00031

Winsome Brown is probably my least favourite of the lot, I don’t enjoy the warm brown this pair of lens carry, makes me look demonic. My eyes are more suitable towards the walnut shade, very cool tones suit me a lot better. However if you are in love with auburn shades, this might just be the right pair for you.
Having said that, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wear it, I will try to work it with various eyeshadow, I’m sure I’ll perfect it someday but as of now is not working for me.

Here is the consolidated chart of all 3 pairs:

Among all like I’ve mentioned earlier, cool shade suits me best and therefore my favourite is Magnetic Grey.

I did a hydration test by wearing it out all day and here’s my itinerary:

  • 11:45 Pop in Freshkon 1-Day Alluring Eyes contact lens in Magnetic Grey
  • 12:00 Head out with makeup for lunch
  • 13:30 Lash extension @ Milly’s
    (includes 5 mins non-stop fan blowing @ my eyes half ajar to bond the lash glue )
  • 14:30 Met Milly’s for TeaBreak
  • 16:30 Met my new MUA friend Andrea (check out her website) to squander money at MUFE
  • 18:00 Home
  • 18:30 Didn’t remove contacts, head to shower

19:00 as follows.
False lash extension from Milly’s : Furlash + Bundle

So my eyes have pretty much brace through, the sun, wind and erm, rain aka shower.
They actually still feels supple even though is not as hydrated as when I first put them on but is good enough not to cause me any eye irritation and best of all doesn’t cause my eyes to look red or bloodshot (I know some colour lens does).
Also I seemed to look as refreshed as ever even though I’m tired as hell after being out all day.

So goodbye Contact lens, down the bin you go!DSC00049Hope you like my review!

*Freshkon Alluring Eyes contacts are available in both daily and monthly lens, find out more from your local eye-care practitioner.
*Products are sponsored, opinions are my own.


  • Evelyn

    Thanks for doing this review! I found it helpful. Not sure if you did that for review purpose, but we are not supposed to wear contact lens when washing face/going to shower and tap water contains bacteria that might cause eye infection
    infection :)

    • Dblchin

      Hi Evelyn,
      Usually I wont wear contacts and go into the shower together but because this is a 1-day contact lens and I feel a need to test out the hydration. Not to worry I’ve discarded it once I’m out of the shower.
      Thanks so much for the heads up!

  • Felicia

    Thanks for the detailed review.

    Have you tried other brands as well?

    Would appreciate if you could provide some opinions for first timer like me in colour contact lenses?
    I was looking at
    (1)Freshlook color blends and
    (2) Freshkon (alluring eyes)
    Which one of these are more comfortable and having more enlargement effect based on your experience (for daily wear?) The shop lady told me that Freshlook has no enlargement effect at all.. is that so? Freshkon is more visible compard to Freshlook. i have dark eyes btw.

    How about Mia Care , are they more comfortable (water content/ more oxygen to pass ec as claimed compared to the above two brands?
    Thanks if you provide your opinion/ experiences.
    Thanks! :)

  • Shark fin

    Hi sorry to interrupt. I do wear these two lenses and I can say I love both. If you prefer to have bigger eyes effect, you can go for FreshKon (alluring eyes). The enlargement effect won’t give fake effect like others with 16mm diameter. I’d wear FreshKon alluring eyes for event which took about more than 8 hours and my eyes still in feeling great.

    Yet if you prefer natural eye look, not to extravagant enlargement effect, you can choose Freshlook colorblend. The water content for me just nice, I didn’t feel my eyes dry even wear it for few hours. So I prefer freshlook as it looks more natural & still look like my actual eyes. You can try with natural colour like brown, pure hazel & honey. But honey might give you a bit of vampy look like Edward Cullen. Goodluck girl :)

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