[Make + Review] Clio Kill Brown Collection

Even though I have a pair of beautifully embroidered brow (courtesy of Allure Beauty *ps will blog about this soon), I still draw my brows on a regular bases thus good brows day is a necessity to me.

I’m mostly anal about the brows products I use; pencil needs to glide effortlessly and brow mascara needs to be free from that glittery effect which some really does give a 3D effect that makes the end result somewhat artificial.

With the recent launches, I realized Clio had been focusing more on their brow product, which explains the array of brow related ‘tools’ I’ve received over here.

Clio Kill Brow


“Going beyond a top Korean Eyeliner brand, Clio introduces a collection
of brow products – The Kill Brow Collection. With unique brow products
with different benefits targeted at consumers of varying degrees of brow
experience and skills, there is something for every Singaporean girl’s
brow needs.”

Clio Kill Brown Tattoo Lasting Gel PencilClio-Kill-Brown-Tattoo-Lasting-Gel-Penci
Resistant to water and sweat, this 2-in-1 pencil has a creamy gel formula that glides on smoothly. I like its blendablility and the ease to apply but I’m not keen on this waxy texture that leaves some parts of my brow looking ‘hollow’, I need to go over again with the brow pencil to refill in the colour.
All brow pencils should be accompanied with a spooly like this one does so it helps to soften out the harsh lines filled by the brow pencil.

Clio Kill Brown All Day TattooBrow Cara Clio-Kill-Brown-All-Day-Tattoo-Brow-Cara
As a Makeup Artist, is very important I get my Client’s (brides mostly) brows on point, therefore my trick is to use the brow pencil as a base and finely coat the brow hairs with a brow mascara.
Even though the dual-combo brush allows you to comb through the brow without creating clumps for perfectly defined and evenly coloured brows, you should always be mindful that when you first purchase this as the wand will be overloaded with product. If you just simply whip out the wand and coat you hair with it, trust me your brows will look like you had just applied crayola on it. What you need to do is before applying it on your brow hairs, clean the excess product on a tissue, then coat lightly on your brows at a back and forth motion.

Clio Kill Brown Conte Powder Kit

Comes in 2 shades (Sand & Mocha) and a Fixing wax, the Conte Powder Kit helps to create a fuller and multi-dimensional look. I’m not big on creating strong brows but here’s a step by step to share for those who are interested:

1. Start filling in your brows with the darker hue from the centre of your brows to the tip.
2.When this is done, switch to the lighter hue to fill in the inner and outer contours of your brows.
3. Finally, apply the setting wax to lock your eyebrows in place and keep them defined for a more polished look.


And so! here’s my step by step in using both Clio Kill Brow Tattoo Lasting Gel Pencil as well as Clio Kill Brow All Day Tattoo Brow Cara Enjoy!

#1- outline and shade the brow according to your preferred brow length, keep the strokes light.
#2- use a spooly to soften any harsh lines you may have.

Completion of step #1 & #2

#3- Before using Brow Cara, wipe excess product on a piece of tissue paper to avoid thick clumping.
#4- Use wand to go back and forth the brow hairs in order to ensure every hair stand is coated nicely.

Hre’s a picture  to show you the 2 different shades, colours used:
On the left-Clio Kill Brow Tattoo Lasting Gel Pencil & All Day Tattoo Brow Cara Both in #2 Light Brown
On the Right-Clio Kill Brow Tattoo Lasting Gel Pencil & All Day Tattoo Brow Cara Both in #2 Natural Brown

I decided to go for #2 Light Brown instead as I preferred a brighter share in accordance to my hair colour .DSC03187

My and little chin, see single eyelid, like me when I was young!

So here’s my final #DblchinMOTD finishing off with #2 Pop Pink from Cyber Colours.
Hair colour courtesy by Charles Tan of Headlines Hairdressing
Gathered Cold Shoulder Top in Mustard Yellow by Makers Mart

*Brow Products are sponsored, opinions are my own.

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