[Make] #MOTD JellyBean Eyes with Sleek Cosmetics

So glad the hardest part of my pregnancy is over (RIGHT, wait till the baby is out) now is time to enjoy myself and have fun with colours.
During my early trimester I was practically surviving on air, thus dolling up is becomes a secondary business. The smell of everything is like potential hongkong feet and I was lying on the bed most of the time. The only companion I had is Richie the dog during my vomit inducing days, all thanks to his cute nature and funny antics I managed to pull through the toughest period of my pregnancy yet.
I’ll probably blog a post with regards to motherhood but it will be another story to tell, in the meantime here is a Make of the day with the recent Sleek Palette I tapped on my friend Emily, to help buy over at the UK site. (also available on luxola.com)

Sleek eyeshadow palettes are probably one of the most pigmented, value for money makeup in history.
I bought 3 Divine and a primer palette at one go because I knew the colour pay off is so so good I wouldn’t want to miss not buying any at all. Having said that I really have to cut down on the expenses, my pocket money is thinning out :(

So here’s a look I created with Sleek i-Divine Aqua Collection in Lagoon, I soft handily incorporated jellybean-like colours to give my eyes that adequate and subtle effect because I planned to put on a shot of ‘pink’ on my lips.
Is ok to multicolor our faces but be sure to pair them lightly because there shouldn’t be 2 main dishes in a serving.
From here you could also see that I’ve lined my eyes very close to the upper lash, this is to ensure the efforts of my eyeshadow colours are still showing. So no cat-eye for this look UNLESS, you have a strong crease and deep socket; you could adjust the thickness according to your own preference. If your double eyelid is so measly skinny, tightlining is good enough to create the needed effect.

So here are the product’s used:DSC00007


  • Sleek Primer Palette & Lagoon
    Hauls on Sleek palette will be done in a separate post



  • Nars Matte Multiple Orgasm
  • Etude House Smile bebe Blusher 2


  • Sleek Pout Paint 159 port
  • Starlash Perfect Touch eyeliner
  • Catrice Kojl Kajal 001
  • Erabelle Brown Pencil-Brown
  • Etude house Colour my Brows 4
  • Rachel K cc Renew V light

DSC00042Hope you enjoy my look!



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