[Make] #MOTD Lash Galore

Just incase you miss my face, I have more than 1 in here. lol.
In-fluxing with camwhore pictures of profile and close-up shots to show you my lash galore make of the day. Nothing too drastic, just the touch of precision in lining my eyes and layering these lashes.

Since I’m so in love with my new lash supplier, there is no better time to showcase this look.
I’m selling the above lash, if you are interested please quote ‘Dbl-1’ (Top lash) and ‘Dbl-1b’ (Bottom lash) with the title “Lash for Order” to dblchin@hotmail.com

*Lash is made of both Human and Synthetic hair
*stocks will only arrive in August

DSC00006-1tip: apply shimmer near your tear ducts to enlarge the eyes and give it a healthier glow to the entire look.

Even though my hair is jet black halfway through, I still kept my brows in a much lighter shade to soften the entire look.
Strong brows is definitely unsuitable for my dainty features. However, if you have bold and defined features, pimp those brows up with a much darker shade!

Here are the products used:PD1 PD2

  • Lash Top Dbl-1
  • Lash Bottom Dbl-1b
    Email dblchin@hotmail.com for enquiry


  • Etude House Tear Eye Liner #03
  • Kate Designing Eyebrow EX-4
  • Nars Gaiety Matt Multiple Altai & Anguilla


  • Sleek Eyebrow Pencil 191 Brown
  • Catrice Kojl Kajal 001
  • Aqualabel White Liquid Foundation 10
  • Starlash Perfect Touch eyeliner

A little about Starlash Perfect Touch Eyeliner, this is a new and improved liquid eyeliner from starlash that goes on really opaque and dark. The old formula seems a little tougher to manage but the new one glides like a breeze! You can get it at Beauty Direct or selected watsons stores.


  • MUFE 12 Flash Colour Case
  • Bobbie Brown Nude on Nude

Hope you like my #LOTD !


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