[Make + Life]Little Black Dress for Wedding Function

I love receiving wedding invitations, especially from old friends!
Etc cher li iz… really an excused to dress up since I hardly do nowadays with that growing tum tum, YES! is near impossible to dig the right outfit from my wardrobe because almost all of them are ill-fitted! By sheer luck I managed to fit into this empire waist dress that Karen passed down to me a while ago. Also look at my boobs (look but try not to stare! ) they are growing as fast as my new little tenant!
The hair colour has also since faded into a combination of assorted purples and blue hues :( I’m dying to touch up my mane again.

Here’s my #MOTD, super super thick and high double eyelid. Even though I get nice and positive feedback from friends of Instagram, I still find the double eyelid was stuck a little too high for my liking thus making me look a wee bit sleepy.
I played around plainly with just enhancing the crease and winging out the waterline, so nothing really interesting with monochrome shades. But hor I glued on lower lash ley, so that’s a value added bonus! Is been 200 years since I use bottom lashes, oh how lazy have I became…

A close-up of the outfit, not the exact empire line (with the seam 2 or 3 inches lower) but good enough to fit my upper torso into the narrow sections, plus loving the gathers that manages to conceal my tummy well. I also went along with very classic gold necklace and earrings to jazz up the entire look. Kept my fringe sidesweep and curled bottom sections of my hair coz I’m running late!DSC00030*psst on top of being the guest attendee, I’m also the MUA for the bride!

Here are some of the banquet pictures I took with my friends!IMG_5805



Initially I had on Pink Velvet but decided to clean it away (even though is made Vegan) because I’ve been consuming too much of it, I wouldn’t worry on normal days but as a mummy-to-be I decide not to risk the nomming of lipsticks especially during dinners. So this are probably the only 2 pictures of me wearing Lime Crime Lipstain.
Stay tune for my upcoming post on the Bride’s Makeup and hairdo!

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