Limecrime Velvetine ‘The Clueless witch’ Collection

This is an old post I’ve done many months ago before I ballooned into a walrus, so is good to remind myself I used to be slimmer in terms of face and body :s
Ok all the motherly talk aside, I wanted to show you 3 tantalizing colors from Limecrime Velvetine which I’ve got from Pinkpout.

The manic thing about velvetine is, these colours are absolutely stain proof and they last throughout the day. It refuses budge after the colour’s been set on your skin.
See hard proof below:

Introducing the ‘The Clueless Witch Collection
Swatches below:

IMG_7557I feel like a hollywood star with this deep gorgeous red, definitely a worthy colour if you wished to achieve that old glamour look.

Imagine that fiery lips with your hair like this, damn!
I would wear totally wear this hairdo with ‘Wicked’ to wedding parties next time.
Stain resistant = child proof.
Even if my baby slap on my lips all night, I know wont look like a train wreck.
(Hair yanking not counted)


  Black Velvet IMG_7573Now lets proceed to the dark side of life.
Seriously, eversince I grew out of the emo phrase I’ve decided gothic is so not for me. But this, omg this….black velvet completely blew me away, the dark charm makes everything so sexy!
Of course is definitely NOT suited for every occasion especially Chinese New Year visiting, high chance my grandma would chase me out of her house.
For creative theme parties like halloween this is definitely a colour you could consider. Also you could mix black V with your existing lipsticks to give it a darker sexier approach.

Looking straight from the web, I thought this is my least favourite colour but I WAS WRONG!
Omg I’m totally in love with this shade can, is like the rustiest brown ever but it goes so so well on my lips.
I dont think I’ve seen anything similar so this shade is rather special to me! Salem is definitely a keeper <3
Hope you like my review :)


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