Late night musings: Diminishing ‘Fame’

My digital life has been pretty mundane recently. So’dead’ I don’t even know where to start.

On the contrary, my physical life is smashing (with an active kid around, heh, who wouldn’t?) I shouldn’t complain but the thing is, I don’t exactly…feel happy.

You see, my blog has attributed a lot to living fruitfully. It was the drive that led me into feeling a lot more confident of myself, breaking the ice with people I’ll never in a million years would dream of and the motivation to pursue a makeup career.

Even though I’m the one who creates and fill the content, I felt like I’ve owe it all to my blog. It has nurture me from writing superficial entries into more substantial and informative posts. Nevermind the vocab, I’m never good in that anyways but you know, I’m definitely so much better than I first started. 

But due to my constant negligence, this online persona is going downhill. 

I just ran a checked on my archives and the past month it had only totalled up to 3 blogpost. It wasn’t the worse, on a particular month I only had 1 post. One?! I ought to shoot myself in the head.

Where was the drive I used to have? Where had it all gone to? 

I guess it wasn’t the only thing that plummeted, my other micro blogging sites were also greatly affected. I haven’t been instagramming very often and boom! down it went with the likes. The latest one on my Instagram only fetches a mere 65likes? Is not that I’m concern about how many ‘likes’ I can get in one posting but I’m no longer be able to justify how someone like me with 6 over thousand followers can fetch likes less than a 100? I know I don’t cheat buying followers but is just questionable to see the huge difference in my followings and my likes on Instagram. Like that I rather have less followers so I can be accountable for my diminishing ‘fame’.

However, I tried going for a quieter life but i just can’t. There is so much I wanted to share and is mandatory to add glamour to my life(saying without qualms). When my client told me last week that she had her hair coloured ombré purple blue because she was inspired by my previous hair colour, I was even determined to climb back up.

Yes, yes, yes, I still hope to inspire and get inspired! I know I can’t quit 

So this few days I’m been fueling myself up for a difficult task; to rekindle the relationship with this blog. I’ve been compensating for the lack of post and spamming quite a bit for the past few consecutive days. Really crossing my fingers that I could keep up because afterall, is my greatest online diary. 

With that being said, I have a few post sitting in my draft. Wish me luck I’ll get down to writing it soon.

Good night dblchinis. 

(feels good to call it out to you guys again)


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