KALAIA Debut Launch at CÉ LA VI

A while ago I was invited a Kalaia’s Debut launch at CÉ LA VI, a local fashion wear by Coco Mercy C.12249608_941723119266763_1884726919915413893_n
I’ve seen the colourful side of Bohemian but non like Kalaia’s.
The techniques were cleverly used: drapes, pleats, gathers were incorporated into their garment even though white was pretty much the only ‘colour’ in their collection.
With this achromatic shade, they managed to retain the free spirited, wanderers attitude of this unconventional lifestyle which truly speaks Bohemian.

This is the first time I’m attending an event as part of the #CLOZETTE family, it was my pleasure meeting new people and some old faces as well.12248100_941724625933279_8275683481749996438_o


The ‘party’ didn’t commence until nightfall,
so after being a homebody for the longest time, I had to make arrangements for someone to babysit Ry before I get head out to paint the town red.
In the end I found someone I could trust wholeheartedly; which is, is non other then my husband. *best hub award*DSC02435

Excited as can be, I was dressed in full compliance according to the theme ‘white’, I even sleek my hair back to prove how much I value a good night out. Also remembered to bring my ID incase I get screen for club rules 18 and above (omg, fat chance haha).

All in all like how I packed Ry’s diaper bag,
I was v.e.r.y well prepared.

When I got there, I was scanning for familiar faces and immediately caught Crystal amidst the sea of party goers. Since we know each other well, It didn’t take long for us to warm up our conversation.
Crystal quickly took me under her wing and I got acquainted with a few new friends.


Thank you so much Clozette for the awesome invitation, it was definitely a awesome launch party at CÉ LA VI.
To Kalaia, may 2016 be filled unlimited possibilities on your with new upcoming collection.
Press on great designer!

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