Invisalign updates- The Attachments.

Hihi dblchinis~!!!!

Remember I’ve blogged about getting my teeth fixed with invisalign????

Yes I’m on my 9th Aligner now!

And I’m wearing both top and bottom! Can u see? Can u seeeeeeeeeeee not?
cannot right! haha

Come closer!

There you go~
Did u see those little thing sticking out? They are called the attachments that suppose to hold the aligners together.

Yes! I’ve got tones on me!

I’ve got 6 attachments on top and 3 at the bottom.

They are suppose to affix the aligners onto your teeth so that it secures and holds better.

check out my youtube to see how the attachments are bonded to my tooth!These attachments are barely visible because they are molded according to the colour of your teeth.
Although you can catch them upclose but normally if you don’t point that out, nobody will actually notice them.
I’m going show you more of my progress as I go along.
SOOOO EXCITED that my teeth are going to b aligned approx 8 more months time!!!
Once again Be sure to look for Dr. Ronnie Yap or Dr. Jerry Lim at
501 Orchard Road
Wheelock place #05-08
Singapore 238880
If you have any query, don’t hesitate to call or email them~
+65 67329939

Last but not least dblchin would like to share a dentures symphony embedded on


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