Invisalign Updates- my teeth are so straight!!!

Hey hi dblchinis!!!!!!

Is another update on Invisalign once again!

I think all of you are going get a little gross out looking at my mouth but I’m sorry u dblchinis need a taste of what I’m going through!

Actually there is nothing frightening about looking at the inside of a mouth unless it is darn crooked like Months ago!

Check out the little arrows that shows overcrowding areas before the treatment, some tooth are wickedly pushed backward, no room for everyboardy!
But after months of treatment, can u see a huge difference?
Everything is migrating Slowly in line like Army recruits falling-in onto the parade square like that.

I’ve never thought of taking any action on my major bad teeth because my poor old concept is that u need to extract 5 or more tooth to string them in line & extraction is like tattooing the word ‘ My name is dblchinn’ on my arms, yes both the pain and spelling error for life.

so braces?
too far painful for an option.

I’m so glad for invisalign, is a less painful way of getting my teeth straighten.
I mean tell me, how many people can get to do this for free??? Except for Xiaxue *salute*

So I’m thankful, for real.

Eversince I’m on invisalign, I started to notice the composition of others teeth, before that I srsly couldn’t care even if you have alligator mouth
not that I care very much now that yours is still a gator mouth and but yea I tend to notice more.

So that’s the vast difference I’ve experience, sub-conscious judging.

Without the indication of arrows you can now play spot the difference.

There are people who r seriously silly enuf to asked me, ‘hey does it work huh’ when I explained the treatment cost between 6 to 8K.

HEllooooooooo!!! the treatment is 6 thousand to 8 FREAKING THOUSAND DOLLARS, u expect it not to work?

Of course provided you go to a reputable dentist

Orchard Scotts Dental are platinum provider of invisalign, I’ve gotta say they live up the their name with veteran dentist and staffs that constantly going for courses to upgrade themselves, awesome service (well… with a few missed schedule) & warm welcome by the staff.

I swear they never pay me to write that, I always hear people gg for courses, gg for dental meetings when I’m there for my dental visits.
self-upgrading deserves a thumbs up.

My brother’s gf had her conventional braces done at some dodgy clinic and it turn out to be a major terror! I’ll find out and let u guys know so she (the dentist) won’t get to earn ur $.

This is how I look with the aligners on

Woooo… The stretch is wicked!

All these little bubbles that protrude out are molded to fit the attachments on my mouth.

Even my teeth are not completely straighten, aligned, uniformed… U can actually see a vast difference when Camwhoriong with my mouth slightly ajar.
I guess the next time I blog about this I’ll b close to my end of treatment.

Once again, If you have any other questions pertaining to invisalign or other dental queries, do not hesitate to contact

( INVISALIGN platinum provider)

at the following:

501 Orchard Road
Wheelock place #05-08
Singapore 238880
Tel: +65 67329939

Till then!


*Every word on this blog entry expresses my own honest thoughts and opinion.


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