Inuovi relocation sale!!!

Hihi dblchinis!!!

I’m just excited to share my buys with you thus this will b a very short post on my haul for today

Incase u Dunno, there is a relocation sale from inuovi & the items are cheap cheap cheap!!!!!
Dun bother abt the lil writings at the below of the e-pamphlet, just watch out for the address to shop!!!
I’m having problems posting up the pic of the e-pamphlet, I’ll will insert the following instead
“inuovi sale 70%-90% off
asiawide industrial building,
5 Pereira Rd, #02-03 Singapore 368025
28 feb to 4 mar 2011, 10am to 7pm”
Is near to tai Seng mrt

Let’s c what I’ve bought :

Brushes ranged from $5 plus to $15

The bristles r freaking soft!

Mini travel brush set $30

Very mini and cuteeee!!! N the quality doesn’t differ from the individual sizes brushes

Lipsticks and liquid eyeliner gg at 3 for $25

Bought these hot popping clrs to prepare for summer!
Yea right, summer all yr round in sg, I’m just being delusional

Eyeshadow and blushers going at 3 for $22

I love their blushers! The pinktones are so kawaii!!!

High intensity eyeliner 2 for $12

I’ve used the one is pearl(shit I dun rmb the name) previously and the clrs are so intense and is easy to glide that’s y thus time round I’m trying out the other clrs!

U r able to find skin care and other stuff like foundation etc. at the sale!

Have fun shopping!!!


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