Infinia Treatment with Chambers Hair Salon

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Is really been a long while, I’m currently so caught up with work I rarely update my blog anymore. Even my IG sometimes takes up to 1 week to upload something. Gosh, I must up my game liao arbo I’ll be quickly becoming non-existent to the Social Media world.
Anyways I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours at Chambers Hair Salon few weeks back.
Chambers Hair Salon is run by my good friend Charles, I’ve been with him for a while over at the other salon previously and I’m so glad he is finally coming out to run this on his own! Congratulations Charles, many huat for your business!

Chambers is located at 78 South Bridge Road #01-01 Singapore 058708

Simplistic interior in white and black.

So I popped by with my 50 shades of orange, not sexy lol.

This time round I’m trying out a new treatment that works like Mucota Dyna  but even better, this is called the Infinia.
It helps to straighten and tame frizzy hair yet without the effect of traditional rebonding method which will tend to flatten out the hair. A product that can be used in-conjunction with other treatments without causing damage to the hair. It helps to treat frizzy hair giving it the life and volume, best of all it?
It helps to treat even for bleached hair making it smooth and managable.
So now you can colour and treat your hair as you go along!

Here’s the results! Tada!

I love that it straightens my hair like what rebonding does but yet giving my hair the bounce!
my hair is now tame yet lively instead of looking straight and dead.

I also like that the colour Charles used on me is so vibrant making me look so fresh!

Who is suitable for this treatment?
– people who are concern with growth of frizzy or curly hair and aren’t satisfied with general  hair treatments which might cause further damage to the hair.
-Those who do not wished to do rebonding yet wants to have smooth and silky hair maintaining the natural hair volume.
-Those who wants the versatility to style their hair in whichever way using hair tools eg. curling tongs

How long can this last?

It last generally around 3 months, but my last Dyna treatment lasted more than 6 months. So the results pretty much varies  

My hair colour comes with a fresh coat of brown on the top and slowly turns slightly ash green as it reaches the bottom
It also gives out different hues under different lighting!


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