I didn’t expect…

…a surge of views the day I published the story of my Post Pregnancy Body.

(35 weeks)

This is the first time I received such a huge leap in my blog stats throughout my blogging history, so much that the numbers actually startled me. I wasn’t anticipating anything different when I was venting my frustrations over here, all I wanted was an outlet to document my life so when I look at it back years later I could exactly relate how I felt, there and then.

With the previous blogpost up, along came an outpour of sympathy messages commenting on my bravery to openly talk about this unspoken struggle.
To be honest, it wasn’t easy. I mean who would expect a 32 year old looking like 25 (ok, lets be thick skin here, I have to  admit I look young) facing such issue?
All the collagen stored in me seems to have diminish overnight :(

When I come across other blogposts about loving your after pregnancy body, is almost as if is wrong to have thoughts of being unhappy with my own body. Must the privilege of being able to rant about my physique be taken away in exchanged for the most amazing thing god has even given me, a child?
Really? am I suppose to embrace the folds of sharpei around my tummy?
No, I don’t think so.
Thus I choose to write what I wrote in my previous post.

All in all I’m glad I voice it out because it made me realized that there are actually so many other mummies that are in the same boat, especially those bearing twins. These mummies stepped out of their comfort zone to speak of their own body, empathizing, reaching out to me in all sorts of channel; whatsapp, sms, fb private msg…you know the drill.
Suddenly is not just about me anymore, my unsightly photos became the voices of these moms calling out the unjust to pregnancy. Many were all slowly emerging from the shadows to share with me their set of stories.
Thank you so so much for that mummies, you made me feel so connected to you, so warmed and full of hope and most importantly, you make me feel that

(Mummies if you are facing such issues, you could also read up some suggestions I’ve received on my Facebook and instagram.)

And to the thoughtful individuals, single or not, thanks for suggesting all sorts of remedy for my 100 year old tummy, You guys are awesome. I will take each and every suggestion into consideration.

Also to update, I’ve directed my sponsor to my previous post to let them know about the ‘ugly’ truth (because we all know some  slimming commercial are simply staged) before committing to help me out, and I’m glade to announce that they are more than happy to tune back my body.
I’ll reveal my sponsor when everything is firmed up in due time

I guess this ‘imperfect body’ had just got me going. I want to share more with you ladies in other aspects of motherhood; say breastfeeding, another challenge to combat for the under and over supply, but that will be another story to tell.

As for today, a thank you note from the bottom of my heart.

Rest assure I’ll be chirpy like before but this time, let ‘BRAVE’ be welcomed to my world of vocab.

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