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    * This is a super delayed post, it has been sitting in my drafts since 2 weeks ago, I’m so busy I didn’t managed to insert the pictures! Omg finally…

I’ve been friends with Ivan for the longest time, I still remember the first time we met he shared info and knowledge about Korean beauty products, it was called back now known as almost everything was online.
When he invited me to his outlet for a media opening I was a little surprise and proud of him at the same time! From a virtual portal to a physical boutique? Wow, it must’ve been so much hardwork to achieve this far! Really honoured to be be in his guestlist.

Filled with excitement, I went down to the media opening knowing that I could learn so much because Koreans are so big on skincare and is damn legit one!
DSC00108 DSC00113

Now that my age is catching up, is no longer about just looking pretty or hiding my flaws with makeup. Building a good base is very important, to me a beautiful picture starts with a clean canvas.

I was warmly greeted by his Korean staff all the way from Korean, of course.  Got my face assessed by the therapist and found out that my skin was dying of thirst. From my understanding is that I have sensitive skin (eczema prone) and I needed to stay away from products that contains harsh chemicals. Also when it comes to makeup removal, milk cleansing lotion is the preferred choice as it will retain moisture and ph balance on my skin. This assessment will also determine the products I’ll be receiving at the end of the event is suited for my skin.

But the real excitement only begins when then food is served  I get to play with these babies!
I heard of other lip tattoos that doesn’t last but, although this is not very pigment as compared to some lip stains but it lasted for a long time. I want to buy a set of this for myself on that day but unfortunately the stocks wasn’t wasn’t in yet thus I had to wait for a while longer. Now, today, 3 weeks  (ok make it 5) after I’ve attended the event, lip products are readily available (at S$8) online at HKCplaza website, so shop away!
DSC00128 DSC00134 DSC00137 DSC00138

Not only is stain proof, it can also be easily remove with their specially formulated lip cleanser!

Even though Ryleigh is now my main priority, I still enjoy the little catch up with familiar faces at launches. Thanks to HKCplaza media launch I get to meet my oldies, so glad mint and Colin is there with me because I’m now pretty much a stranger to everyone when it comes to event attendance, is been so loooonggggg…
DSC00159 DSC00160

I’m due to make an appointment with HKCplaza for a facial session which I’ll talk about once I’ve received their treatment.
In the meantime, thanks for reading my post!

*HKCplaza is located at 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-29. Visit for more.

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