Hello again, sleep deprivation

At the time of writing, I’m up in the dead of the night.

Living on a 3 hourly routine wasn’t easy but because I’ve been there done that, it weren’t the hardest for me either.
However, motherhood is hell lot tougher with 2 kids now especially with my toddler. Ryleigh at the age of 2, vying for love and attention has tripled amount since the arrival of her brother. Her little brain couldn’t handle the sudden influx of stay-in visitors (short term and long term) and the structural changes to our sleep arrangements. Besides me, night wakings for little Ryleigh had increase in frequency as well, she woke up inconsolable making it harder for me to attend night feeds. Even with the help of my confinement nanny I’ve been waking up hourly to attend to different things altogether.

(We all know is impossible to finish writing everything, so what you see below is a continuation my post for last night)

Is a cycle of expressing milk, baby crying (for milk mostly), Ry screaming and right back at pumping again. Every interval I get around 30mins-1 hour of sleep, not exceeding a total of 4 hours for the entire night. I’m seriously max exhausted but this time round, I’m no longer afraid nor anticipating the worse because in the day time, I get to snag another good 1.5hours of nap when Ry goes to the childcare. Though is not much is definitely quality undisturbed sleep. We also got ourselves a domestic helper to help out with cleaning and washing, eventually she will play a part in caring for little Travis when confinement nanny goes home. I’m hopeful that we will be able to establish a good long term work relationship together.
(Very worn out #FOTD)

Despite losing over so much sleep, when I look at my children I’m in awe and astonish that heaven has blessed me not only had 1 but 2 beautiful kids. It was definitely more than I ever asked for, looking at them takes away all my troubles and worries. Also I can officially close my production line,一儿一女,凑成’好’。 够了够了,两个就要我的命了。
Big Girl Ryleigh

DSC06765Baby Travis

Milk production has also been going pretty well, I had a rough start with bad engorgement and block ducts but is slowly easing up after 2 weeks of constant pumping round the clock. In the beginning I was pretty adamant at latching Travis but he was down with jaundice and in order to clear it quick, I had to introduce expressed breast milk through bottle feed so it can help him expedite the passing of meconium (new born first stool) to golden brown goodness. Unfortunately after 2 rounds of bottle feeding, he rejected my breast totally :(
Now I’m just on scheduled pumping, I hope this time round my supply can last for at least 6 months.
My stash for 10days postpartum

I guess this sums up my life for the past 2 weeks, I’m pretty determined not to let post-natal blues get me this time round, taking in all the positive energy from from people who cares so much for me.

Also, today I found contentment in little things like washing my hair for the 2nd time (since the started of my confinement).
Stay blissful.

❥ dblchin ❥

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