Healthy skin with Esemtan

If you are a dry skin sufferer I have just the thing for you.

Introducing Esemtan products from Schulke, specially catered for dry thirsty skin like us.
Because of its non-soap cleansers, it contains allantoin that helps to reduce itchiness caused by severed dryness.  DSC00397

Esemtan comes in a range of Cleansing foam, Wash Lotion and Skin Balm.
With a pH balance of 5.0, it helps to maintain the skin’s natural balance, safe to use for children and adults.. Although I yet to try on Ryleigh but it so far it has kept my skin feeling suppled and moisturized.

Esemtan is the one hygienic wash that doesn’t harm your skin, damage your hair or sting your eyes. It contains a protective moisturiser and oil restoring substance that leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and smooth.

Esemtan Wash Lotion

The products looks very medicated probably because of the seafoam blue but it smells nothing too clinical. Instead it gives off a slight pleasing fragrance during and after shower.
Although I’ve mentioned that product is soap free, it actually lathers up a tiny amount of foam that is gentle enough for the skin, very much cater for people with eczema or dry and stressed skin. However, if you are expecting rich foamy lather, this is definitely not the product for you. Also bear in mind, product that is too rich might just strip off the your natural oil glands; the layer that protects your skin.

Esmetan Skin Balm
On the contrary as oppose to light and mild, Skin Balm actually carries ample moisturising for dry skin, it also means the consistency of this product is pretty luxurious. Product comes out white from the bottle and it continue to stay white until you rub in (the skin) say close to about a minute? The reason why it took longer to sit in than other commercial moisturizers (that I’ve used) is because it has to ensure Skin Balm permeates deeply into the skin with its oil-in water emulsion.
On top of that, Esemtan Skin Balm also gives off light scent, pleasing enough to linger but not too overwhelming.

I’ve been constantly using the products (Wash Lotion & Skin Balm) for over 2 weeks. I like that my skin, especially my legs looks less scratchy. I used to have really bad scaly skin but now it has gotten slightly better. Although the texture of my legs are nothing close to looking like my face *humble brag* but it has improved over the course of this few weeks.

Esemtan Cleansing Foam
When I first received this, I was felt slightly curious and bewildered. What the cheese am I suppose to do with this?
If I’m feeling hot and grumpy, I could just pop in the shower for 5 and is all good. Little did I know it helps greatly for people with incontinence and bedridden patients, Schulke recommend this for use on body and perineal areas who can’t reach to the toilet like us able-bodied.

Also I came to realize, isn’t it the PERFECT solution for Confinement mummies? Because Esemtan Cleansing Foam is such a quick and gentle formula by means of mild tensides (a wetting agent), mummies no longer need to worry about having to hide in the bathroom middle of the night to take showers, lol.
Also there is a lingering after-scent that smells like you have just stepped out of the shower.

#1 Shake the can thoroughly and use it with downwards oriented spray.
Foam the skin areas to be cleaned from a distance of approx. 20cam. I didn’t read the instructions know because I was way too excited hence the foam confetti in picture #1.

Here’s the appropriate distance you should keep when spraying.

#2 Leave it on for a short period of time, you may spread the lather. DSC00422

#3 Absorb it with disposable cloths. DSC00426

Yay! Refreshing scent!DSC00429

Hope you like my review and thanks Schulke for sending the products over !

*Esemtan products range are available at all major drugstores
*This is a sponsored post.

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