Going Pro with ShopOnlineLah Makeup Case

To every MUA nothing beats having a professional case to go along with their makeup and hair tools.
For those of you who had engaged my services previously, you definitely wouldn’t missed seeing my chiong ‘Cath Kidston’ 2 wheeler when I bring it for assignments. Even though the appearance looks pretty and colourful, it just somehow lacked a little on the ‘professionalism’ aspect. Besides, throughout constant wear and tear, this luggage is actually falling apart.
So I started looking around for a new case when one day Silver apps me out of the ordinary asking whether I’m keen take up a sponsorship for a makeup case…I’m like hell yea!
OK the thing about Silver this person is, I wouldn’t say we are bestest friend coz there is a huge part of her private life that I do not know about PLUS I yet to meet her bf! But to me she’s just different , I do not need to know her inside out just so we could be best friends, she naturally holds a special place in my heart!
I think we both sparks chemistry just.like.that. especially the way we keep a lookout for each other in especially terms of job lobangs!

Sorry too side track liao, lets get back on topic.

I was introduced to a bubbly and friendly lady, Joey from ShopOnlineLah,then was given an array of makeup cases to take my pick. O.M.G the amount of choices is enough to rape my mind, I seriously couldn’t decide for the life of mine! #firstworldproblems
At first I really wanted the pink case (top right) coz is, hello drama! but then another part of me tells me to calm my tits and take the black one right beside.
When it comes to choices I take half a lifetime to make them, so I approach le hub for advice. He never even bat his eyelid then ask me to go straight for the black case.
When I questioned about the the pink one, he gave me a straight up answer that is not professional enough.


I guess is, just his alter ego warning me not to take up the pink INCASE he needs to wheel them around for me.

Picking up the case was easy breezy, ShopOnlineLah is located at Yishun’s accessible industrial location, just fyi I drove there.
From my knowledge, you can also take 811 from Yishun Interchange. I’ll list down a picture with directions at the bottom of this post.

My selection was the Tall trolley case because I needed to store more than just makeup, I always bring at least 3 hair tools out for every assignment unless I have gone through a trial (usually for brides) with my client, this way I would be able to figure out what to or what not to bring along.

Even though is black, this case looks more interesting than it already is with few shades down the line. I’m loving with the matte exterior and the black coated handle bar.

The handle has the ability to extend to 1meter, which somewhat feels too high for my height.
Also the handle bar may look a little flimsy as compared to the sturdy exterior but regardless it has been good for me so far.

I’ve already used this for 5 occasions, the thing I love about this case is there are plenty of locks, very secure and sturdy, plus it comes with 4 rotatable wheels.
Is a breeze when you are needed to walk long distance, you can just drift it away. My previous case extend a lot of pressure on my arm because of its 2 fixed wheeler. However, this makeup case it doesn’t work very well on thick foamy rugs causing little hiccuping motions when wheeling.
However, I have a word of caution for this makeup case; because it is a 4 wheeler you need to be extra careful when taking the uphill/downhill travelator, you needed to use your body weight to block against the makeup case from ‘running’ away.
Also if you are fitting it into the car, please do not place it vertically coz as you drive your makeup case will be having a game of pinball in your car-boot.

You can also safely secure your items with the key provided but I’ll never lock it up ‘Just in Case’ I lost the key.

Lets take a look at the inside.

Spacious, well organized and neat is the key to its interior.
Plenty of storage space divided into 3 tiers on each side.

It also comes with a standing mirror which you could also attached to the inside of case cover to become a makeshift dresser. DSC00029

So here’s how I organize my items.

In case you needed to know what those vintage looking puff contain, these are the all over shimmer (By The Body Shop) which I use on my clients; you can use it on hair/ face/body even clothes to give a subtle sparkle.

Here’s one picture on site at my client’s workplace where there is no table to show how useful this makeup case is as a temporary dressing tableIMG_7421

Directions to ShopOnlineLah

To shop for the above makeup case you may head HERE
Hope you like my review, have fun shopping!

*Item is sponsored, opinions are my own

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