Going casual chic with BATA

Bata is one of my go to boutiques for casuals and formals.

I was more than happy when they offer to match their items with my daily ensembles, here are my choice of items.


About Bata
Launched in 1894, Bata provides versatile quality footwear and accessories which are accessible for all. Having dressed your feet with elegance and class throughout the years, the family-owned business has been at the forefront of innovation in the design and production of new styles. The
Czech brand currently has more than 5,200 stores globally in over 70 countries. In April 2017, Bata announced a modernized global brand direction with its new manifesto “Me & Comfortable With It”, which focuses on empowering people to be beautiful and comfortable, no matter who they are, and what their style is. With this new strategy, the company now caters to the needs of today’s consumers who are sophisticated and increasingly interested in the latest fashion trends.

This pair of Slip ons makes everything so so convenient, just slip and go.
This is very important for me when it comes to heading out for bridal makeup in the wee hours, I wouldn’t want to fumble around tying shoelaces at 3am…with this I just pop my feet in and off I go.

Plus it’s floral details look so chic, the versatility makes things easy to pair with both pants and skirt. IMG_0130

I guess comfort is the key when you are living in Singapore.
I just want to head out quick and fast on a day to day basis and these laser cut slip ons really does the jobIMG_0132 IMG_0134

Can I say I’m totally in love with this Bata Satchel?
IMG_0374 IMG_0380

The soft sided briefcase type bag features a quilted leather texture, which is really suitable for me as I’m not a person who really  fancy structured bags.
The most awesome of all is, it has many many compartments!!!
IMG_0382 IMG_0393

This satchel is perfect to slung over your shoulder or clasped in your hand.
IMG_0399 IMG_0401 IMG_0409

I love pairing them with my daily casuals.


Thank you Bata for the love!
❥ dblchin ❥

*Items are sponsored by BATA, I’m not paid to post this review.

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