[Giveaway] Review on ALOBABY (Baby) Products

As mother of 2 very young children, I pay very close attention to the products my child uses. Due to the delicate skin nature of my 2 month old Travis, I preferred to use products that are safe and gentle.
In addition, Travis tend to develop heat rash easily. I know a part comes from me because as I’m currently breast feeding, the food I eat has to be less ‘heaty’ as it will tend to pass through breast milk. Other heat rash triggers also includes our humid environment. Is so hot and warm out there and he is mostly lying on his back causing the rash to develop, thus I aimed to make him feel more comfortable by using the right products for his skin.

I was sent some products from ALOBABY, the No.1 selling Made-in-Japan baby skincare brand.DSC07122

Products from ALOBABY are organic and contains more than 99% naturally derived ingredients guarantees safety and comfort even for newborn baby. Is assuring to know that because I’m not ready to expose little Travis to strong and harsh products that may further aggravate his heat rash.

ALOBABY is currently the No.1 Seller in the baby skincare category on Rakuten and Amazon, currently carries 7 baby products that are Additive-Free, Fragrance-Free and Colouring-Free:

1)Milky Lotion (99% natural)
A milky Body Lotion enriched with Jojoba oil and shea butter to provide moisture and suppleness to baby skin.

2)Buzz-Off Spray (99% natural)
A deet-free spray that helps to repel insects keeping the little one well protected.

3)UV & Outdoor Mist (100% natural)
A 2-in-1 spray that repels from inserts as well as keep you little one shield from the harmful UV rays, good for outdoor play.

4)Baby Soap (99% natural)
Foamed based soap for easy one press during showers, no more busy hands!

5)UV Cream (100% natural)
Organic and free from synthetic UV absorber, UV cream helps protect against UV rays. Also suitable to use as a makeup base.

6)ANGE Massage Oil (100% natural)
Produced by Japanese baby Therapist, Eri Ebihara, ANGE Massage Oil is most suitable for delicate baby skin.

7)Baby Bottom Cream (99% natural)
Containing Crambe Maritima, an anti-aging formula, this cream provides moisturizing effect that helps not only prevents diaper rash and also to nourish the baby’s bottom.

Among these 7 products, the top sellers are: Milky Lotion, UV & Outdoor Mist, and Buzz-off Spray.

Even though they have stated ALOBABY’s popular product, my choice of selection was Baby Soap, Baby Bottom Cream & UV & Outdoor Mist.
I wanted to make use of products which I can use for both my newborn as well as my toddler. Thus Baby Bottom Cream was selected for little Travis, UV & Outdoor Mist was cater for Ryleigh because she head out a lot nowadays to basically anywhere and everywhere and last but not least Baby Soap for both my elder and younger child.

ALOBABY Baby SoapDSC07126
ALOBABY Baby Soap comes in 250ml bottle, also suitable for adult with sensitive skin & expectant.

Very lightweight soft foam that gently sits on my palm. Unlike some other baby foam, this doesn’t feel too dense but yet is enough to build up a soapy lather on my little one. Except for its lightly scented smell, this is basically fragrance free. I’m not a fan of heavily fragrance products for babies, they always makes me feeling it contains hash chemicals overpowering the natural scent of babies.
With this convenient pump bottle, ALOBABY Baby Soap produces hassle-free & happy bathing time for mothers and babies.
On the other hand, this product is a little too mild for my 2.5 year old Ryleigh, she gets all sweaty and sticky at the end of the day so I would prefer a product that tend lather up richer and denser foam for her during shower, if not it will just be wastage of this product because I’ll be pumping 4-5 times in order to cover her entire body.

ALOBABY Baby Bottom Cream
 Baby Bottom Cream come in a 75gm tube bottle.

DSC07133 DSC07136
This cream is odorless, it contains this thick and waxy consistency.
While I love to keep my all other creams light, I always felt that diaper creams should have a richer texture. This way it helps to create a barrier on the baby’s bottom and prevents redness and rashes that may occur. Also this is pretty ‘waterproof’, I need to use soap to wash my hands in order to get rid of all the product after applying Travis butt. This way when he wee wee, the pee will be absorbed onto the diaper and won’t tend to reside on his skin that may cause any discomfort.

ALOBABY UV & Outdoor Mist 
ALOBABY UV & Outdoor Mist comes in a 100ml spray bottle

When playing outdoors especially at waterparks, I need a spray that can help to shield Ryleigh from both the sun as well a nasty pests like mosquitoes. Due to the recent Zika scare, I’m afraid that my little ones will be at risk of mozzie bites so is better safe than sorry in keeping these bugs at bay. With ALOBABY UV & Outdoor Mist, what better way to kill two birds with one stone?

This light weight mist comes out white but quickly settles in the skin to form a layer of protection, it contains fine particles that are naturally scattering UV lights in the form of a mist. Unlike organic sunscreen, it leaves no white marks on skin. The stickiness is also kept at minimum as compared to other brands I’ve tried. Best of all, it can be easily washed off with warm water, thus is not necessary to scrub the baby’s skin even in the bath. Although it is stated fragrance-free, this product actually gives off a refreshing aroma because of the used of  lemongrass and rosemary leaves.


ALOBABY is doing a giveaway to 4 winners!

1 FULL set of products that was send to me, includes:

ALOBABY Baby Soap, Baby Bottom Cream & UV& Outdoor Mist

3 Consolation prizes with one of the following:

ALOBABY Baby Bottom Cream

ALOBABY UV& Outdoor Mist

All you have to do is to Follow ALOBABY on Instagram & leave a comment  down the box below on why you deserve to win ALOBABY product & I’ll pick my favorite 4 winners!

Good Luck!!!


 ALOBABY is available for purchase at the following websites/stores:

Takashimaya S.C. 4th floor (Baby Corner) :
391A Orchard Rd, Singapore 238837

Tokyu Hands
Orchard Central

Thank you ALOBABY for sending the products over!

*Products are sponsored, review is written in my own words.


  • Jasmine

    Love at first sight when I say Alobaby at takashimaya. I bought the uv and outdoor mist because it was so super convenient for the not-so-baby jay and me. Would love to try their other products, let jay and mamajay have the chance to be pampered and indulge in other Alobaby product <3

  • Joyce

    Me me me…I’m always looking for natural products with added parfum because of my baby’s eczema prone skin. :)

  • Hui Chen Koh

    I have followed Alobabysg IG, my ig : frankyjess

    I would like to win for my brother’s newborn baby. As a mother, we know the best. Baby skin only have one and dedicated so that it is important to use safe and natural ingredient for them. I love ALOBABY beacause they are organic and contains more than 99% naturally derived ingredients guarantees safety and comfort for everyone even for newborn baby.

    Hope I can be the lucky one to give the best to the baby. Thank you for lovely giveaway.

  • Jessie chen

    I hope to win this ALOBABY product for my daughter as she has very sensitive and dry skin. And I’m sure with this product , it can protect my girl delicate skin and i won’t have to worry when she go outdoor to play anymore.

  • Shirley Tan

    As a mum of 2 active boys, i am constantly worrying abt them.
    Becos the boys is same as me, they hv sensitive skin.
    The get itchyness easily, n constantly leaving patches of redness on their skin. :(

    The younger boy is worst, always having nappy rash causing him to scream n cry for pain :(

    I am constantly looking for products to see how it can help the boys, to relieve their pain :(

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