Gimme uniformed Teeth for a hollywood smile!

fixing my teeth is never a major concern in anyways, I always thought my seemingly good skin already far supersede my crowded teeth, UNTIL…. I started doing beauty videos.

I find it hard to record some talkback vids as they appear hideous by my own standards.When I playback those vids I’m like… what horrid teeth I have, if my teeth could look into the mirror, I bet they’ll feel suicidal.

I’m somewhat determined to change it despite having the jitters to extract one of more tooth/teeth! & wearing braces means, giving ur internal mouth area a hard time by adding more ulcers & discomfort.

Well… thanks to our advance technology. If mankind could b save, crooked teeth is neither spared. Introducing ‘_____align’. Sorry the words in the blanks are almost invisible, you have to read on….

Thanks for invitation to Orchard Scotts dental, organized by Pearlin the organiser. *lol at my wide knowledge of vocab pls*

The dentists gave us a remarkable tour round the clinic & we r all awe by the technology & cleanliness of the vicinity.

ok lets tour u readers instead:

Look @ the doc posing with one of their high technology sterilized equipment.


I cringed whenever I c one of these dentist chair
& usually the clinical smell is always so empowering it sends shudders down my spine.
But surprisingly this one doesn’t smells medicated at all!

When I asked Molemole whether my teeth is crooked she immediately screamed yes! blardi….
I suppose I needed a major makeup over with my overcrowding tooth.
u know?
like 500 applicants fight for 200 units of flats.

The relaxation room…
2 awesome couches awaiting for tensed up patients like me

HAHA! A modeled mold of a particular patient.
Don’t mistaken it for food n start popping the Tupperware into the micro.

Doc showing us the 3-d images of a patient.
Usually I c the remains of fossil But now I get to c the remains of mankind after life!

With the beautiful Rosanne or is it Rosanna?
*checking twitter*
Alamak! is Roseanne!! haha

Mole mole, RoseanneT & Doc Yap.
He ought to become a hollywood star Standing at sucha height! & check out the side sweep Tom cruise bangs!
But please, dun plainly look all these, We need u to focus on his million dollar smile, Focus!
I’m simply too ashamed to even start showing my 200 HDB units.

The brief intro,
I blankly hope I could b greeted as Doctor someday.
my bf says I can only b loyang rise copycat groomer.

Doc Lim is working on Jen, he is temporarily transforming her into mini me to maximum FHM babe.

Hello… we r not talking about her boobs can, Is enlarging her minuscule teeth into a wide eye-ed looking smile. I supposed the technique for real (this one on jenny is only temporary) is called veneers. It is said to last a good whole 10 years or more.
Doc Lim is soooooooo gentle, when he started working meticulously on my mouth I felt at ease already, no more butterflies in my stomach!

Lets pass on the mold to the technician.
He needs to perfecto the teeth from this template.

Wah! Jen look like some hot babe after fixing the temporary smile on her.
Check out the difference in her pair of eyes! Bigger! HAPPIER!

Some proper education on having great teeth & achieving the Hollywood smile

Giving u a cleaner whiter smile~

The somewhat procedure for inhouse dentistry whitening.
They made u wear googles/protection shades
Stretch your mouth.
It seems painful but doc said there is no pain at all, just mild discomfort.
Well… I reckon so, this man gleefully happy with such a disturbing shot on him.
Then they glaze something on your teeth (definitely not egg white).
shine it to the light for a good amount of timing.

Then we proceed on to

Some braces education, where majority kn0w abt its existence.

Finally, doc revealed the

superbly amazing education for novice like us:

(invisible + align)

It works excatly like braces but without the metal suction planted on the middle of ur tooth.
Is (almost)invisible!!!
Like a capped on plastic tip.
No one will notice the great difference when they are talking to you.

Yes!!! they look like this

U r suppose to leave them capped on ur teeth unless u eating or brushing.
Now that I thought of it
I wonder do u leave them in when u r french kissing ur partner?
I mean u wouldn’t want ur partner to swallow this plastic piece halfway through romantic moments.
Like he/she will end up in the hospital bed instead of your v own bed.

Aw… after the session, we r served with light snacks + desserts!
Since I’m not a sweet tooth lover, I swandived the tomato cheesie snack into my mouth instead.
Sorry never take pigture, but it sure tasted splendid *BURP*

A pic with the Doctors, bloggers & the organiser Pearlin.
Thanks people.

Picture with the staff as well

Being a fulltime freebie soh, u know what attracts me most?

(of course!)

Everyone gets to bring home a FULL LOAD of freebies.
Check out mine n start feeling jealous k.

Toothbrushes,4 different varieties.

Toothpaste, 3 different sort

mouth wash.
Just gargle n spit.

wah wah wah! pens!

& A mirror fer me to look at myself all day!
I can feel the ur majorly jealousy blowing ur top already.

ok bye bye!


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