Gerber Baby Biscuits

Whenever discussion about baby food comes up, the first thing I thought of is plain tasting biscuits, which greatly entice little children but does no appeal towards adults at all.

Nestlé Gerber® came up with two types of baked goodies that not only drawn my little ones in but also…heh me.

Graduates® Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers and Nestlé Gerber® Graduates® Arrowroot Cookies


Nestlé Gerber® Graduates® Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers retails at S$8.90 and Nestlé Gerber® Graduates® Arrowroot Cookies retails at $7.90 per pack

Nestlé Gerber® Graduates® Arrowroot Cookies
(For 10+ months)

Using a mixture of enriched wheat flour and arrowroot flour, the Nestlé Gerber® Graduates® Arrowroot Cookies are manufactured in the USA contains no artificial flavors or colors and do not contain any artificial sweeteners.
It carries a unique texture that mashes easily for easy chewing and swallowing, thus it is recommended for children from 10 months old and above. Once your little one is accustomed to chewing solid foods, you can start letting them have a taste of the Arrowroot cookies.

 Nestlé Gerber® Graduates® Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers
(for 12+ Months)

These cute cinnamon flavoured crackers comes in delightful animal shaped designs that definitely puts a smile on my little munchies faces. The Nestlé Gerber® Graduates® Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers is slightly tougher to chew compared to Arrowroot cookies thus it is highly recommended for children that are 12 months and beyond.
When first I opened the Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers, that dash of cinnamon spice quickly engulfs my senses, even though I’m not a cinnamon person I kinda took another whiff at it because of its aromatic scent.

Nestlé Gerber® Graduates® Arrowroot Cookies (below right) are fortified with Vitamin E and Zinc while Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers (below left) on the other hand took a notch higher by not only fortifying their crackers with Vitamin E and Zinc, and also with Iron.
These cookies not only taste great but are also beneficial to growth and development; I no longer need to worry about my kids just bingeing on empty calories.DSC08570
It is recommended to consume within 7 days upon opening and between that, you get to seal it back in with its resealable friendly pouch that helps to lock in freshness.

Arrowroot Cookies comes in just the right size for little ones learning to hold.
Though Travis is a month short of 10 (months), I actually did attempt to feed him the cookies but it didn’t work out, guess I just have to wait until he gets a little older.

I have to say even though Nestlé Gerber® Graduates® Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers tasted more tangy and flavourful, Ry and I actually preferred the Arrowroot Cookies better. I guess is because it is softer and easier to chew and it melts effortlessly at the touch of my tongue. It also carries a milky flavour which I really like.

Ry digging in the excitedly in those yummy cookies, very happy and willing to pose for the camera.

Because Nestlé Gerber® Graduates® Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers is fortified with wholesome goodness I’m happy to offer her a these bakery snacks (in moderation) whenever we are out.

Today, she gets to choose pack her very own bakery snacks.

Proudly showing the camera her yummy snacks!

Usually I’ll pack some for her during her journey to school and because it takes a while to get there (about 10-15mins drive), with something to Chew on, she won’t feel too hungry.
Also Ry gets really restless during Car rides so something to keep her tummy filling along the way would be ideal.

Munching her goodies together with her staples every morning!


Thank you Nestlé Gerber® for sending little Ry your nutritious bakery snacks over, she loves them very very much!


You can now purchase the FULL SIZE Gerber Graduates Animal Crackers
at just $5.99 (U.P. $8.90)!


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