Flesh Imp and FEMMEX Store Opening Party

Hello everyone!
A short post before I head for my doctor’s appointment!
I’m really in my final final leg (#pregnancy) liao, so if anytime I disappear from the surface of this blog you all should just head to Facebook or instagram to find me.
Anyways NOC was very kind to extend their invitation to me for Flesh Imp and FEMMEX store opening party @ cineleisure many weeks ago.
Is been a while since I went for parties with loud music (coz got fashionz show), I think at the point of time my baby overwhelmed by the loud music thus very high inside coz I received countless combo punches.
The last time my baby was punching me like crazy was when I caught X-Men Days of future past, blame it on the surround sound system. No kidding, little chin gets intrigued by all loud noises. Zen is baby.

So here I’m hair colour fresh from the salon which I had blogged about previously

With Jonathan, Ryan and Sylvia. IMG_7906

Everyone clearing the walking way for models to strut through.IMG_7907

Sylvia and her cupcake, her cap is dope. IMG_7910

With Melody.
Damn, look at her face! Is super chio and sharp, I can go hang myself now.

Sylvia and Gwen.
Hmmm…why Sylvia pose as if she is having a major constipation???
IMG_7912 IMG_7916


Nothing more attractive than this, we are missing that watermelon helmet.
IMG_7918 IMG_7919

Thanks Femmex for the goodies!woot!IMG_8092

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