‘Finished With Fins’ New! Shunji Matsuo Hair Colour!

5 years ago along with my hubby, we decided to jump on the bandwagon in preserving part of the Marine life; to stop eating Shark Fins.

There was a day he casually mentioned to me about these exotic animals and how he wanted to stop that act of cruelty just purely fishing for the Fins and serving it as a luxury dish.
After a short discussion, we both gamely agreed to stop eating ‘Fins’ for good.
It wasn’t easy at first because family and friends ridicule us at important dinners, we were taken fools for not enjoying this bowl of delicacy when we reject the offer every time shark fins were served.
We neither advocate nor preach about others downing themselves with Fins, I don’t see why they can’t leave us as it is without adding a piece of insult like say for eg. ” Oh now you guys are trying to save the sharks? Why bother? *points at dish* the sharks are already dead anyways, even if you don’t eat someone else will eat your share also”
I think these ignorant people, yes including my brother who dives and still eat shark fins ( I love him very much, I just don’t happen to agree with his contradiction of eating shark fins yet so much love and exploration for the ocean) haven’t heard of the saying ‘ when there’s a demand, there will be a supply’
However if the 2 of us can stop a faction of this demand, we have a better chance of cutting off these poaches supply.

Initially, there was a lot of disagreement when we held our wedding banquet 2 years ago at Furama Riverfront. My dad, being a traditional business man pretty much insisted that we preserved this culture of serving Shark Fins at our 9 course dinner. However, My husband and I were adamant about not letting ‘Fins’ taint our table, so we stand by our means.
In the end we managed to convince them that our delicacy with heavy dose of yummy crabs and fish maw (without the fins) was a better choice than having to serve that portion of ‘cruelty’.

Proud we managed to stay shark free for 330 guest :)

Well is not only about Fins, same goes for other species.
I’ve swore to never eat Foie gras after knowing the story behind this fatten liver.
I can never fathom the act of torturing one for the enjoyment of the other.
I can never.

Ok back to the fins. After learning from Justin that Shunji Matsuo is the official partner for their latest ‘Finished With Fins‘ Worldwide campaign, I couldn’t be happier and decided to go for the ‘blue’ as suggested by this project and him.

But first, let me take a back-fie.

My hair colour is damn rustic… and chui.


Since there is so much growth in my hair and Justin don’t recommend me to bleach my hair due to me being pregnant, only the ends were coated with the hair dye for fast processing and less bleeding when I do domestic shampooing at home.
(I was close to 30 weeks pregnant at that point of time, turning a little chubbier here)

Tada!Look at how vibrant and pretty the blue turns out!
That gradual toning is probably one of the colours you can find in the deep sea.
IMG_7890  IMG_7893

Here’s an #OOTD. Leopard Preens FTW.IMG_7896

I was then introduced to the Founder of Shark Saver, John Benedict by Justin.
Omg he look a bit like Cyril Takayama, you know the American-Japanese magician? This magician even though his dressing like damn super buang but Omg I have a girl crush on him can!
So when I saw John I’m like wah look like him ley,  then my heart flutter a bit but I pregnant so I dowan to act like I’m all flirty. We didn’t even take a picture together because I was too shy, also this John speak quite slang (like Cyril) , I too singaporean catch no ballz so faster leave if not paiseh myself.
But just for your reference, this is the picture of Cyril shuffling like a pro (just picture John okays?)

See even Jackie Chan one of the living legend swore to stay away from this so-called delicacy.


Our home grown talents, the Sam Williows don in blue for the Shark Savers Project. JB1A3644I’m not paid to spread the word about this Fin-Free Campaign but I thought I’ll share my part in promoting good to the ocean:
Shunji Matsup is giving away a [ FINS-FREE HAIR MAKEOVER ] worth $398 for 1 lucky winner.
Simply pledge
‘I’m finished with fins’ on their facebook app >>>  http://a.pgtb.me/T9jV1D

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