Filter Cheats-Instagram Worthy Selfies

Don’t believe everything you see online
I totally second this statement.

Though my skin is good, is never flawless.
I cringed a little whenever I get comments on my social media posting complimenting that my skin is very the awesome (because is all photoshopped). My only plus point is I’m really fair compared to many other chinese girls. There’s a chinese saying “一白遮三丑 “; ok la that I have to admit because my ‘canvas’ looks really clean so I don’t really need to make extra effort in concealing the flaws but still, is pretty far fetched in person as compared to what you see online.

Which brings me to this topic “Filter Cheats”; I’m going to share with you how I filter and make my skin look orgasmic and smoother than baby buttocks.
Lets begin!

Original Image
It say’s original but actually hor, this is shot with low level beauty mode from my Sony A5100 f3.2-5.6 under natural lighting.img_4288

Unhappy areas:
Mouth senget – super uneven and lopsided
Nose peeling
Face can be smaller

Firstly download FotoRus app.

There is this enhance mode that works wonders, click on it and tap on the ‘portrait’ mode.
Enhance-> Portrait

Adjust your preference accordingly, if you face is slightly more tai ko then maybe adjust the level higher. I want to give my face a more ‘natural’ finish so 1/3 of this mode is good enough.

At the same time I cropped my picture to fit nicely onto the squares of instagram.
Edit-> 1:1

After you are done, save the current pic.

Head over to Photo Wonder and open this amazing app.

Let me first adjust the size of my face.
Beautify-> Thinify

There are 2 options for you to choose from ‘Automatic’ and ‘Manual”
I first use the Automatic function, then manual afterwards to adjust and imperfections accordingly.

I then click on Compare to check the difference, if not much difference then thinfy more lor.
You can also use the manual mode to make your nose smaller, I also used it to correct my uneven lips.

Who doesn’t want those sparkly eyes?

Still keeping to ‘Beautify’, tap on ‘Bright your eyes’. This one I tend to go maximum capacity, coz I want my eyes to look like is the stars of the galaxy and I don’t even know what that means.
Beautify-> Bright Your Eyes


Eyes looking more alert after that.

If you are unhappy with the way you smile in pictures, you can always tap on that for a change.
Beautify-> Smile

Loving those pouty smiley lips here.
Just kidding.

Now to fix the smudges around my under eye.
Beautify-> Dark Rim

This one must use manual model, I look like had just applied flour on my under eyes whenever I use automatic mode.


Yay! time for some makeup! huh Makeup?
Ok, you see I had blusher on but apparently it doesn’t show up very well in pictures, so I’ll readjusted them back in with Photo Wonder Makeup Mode
I always switch it on to the lowest mode this way it won’t contradict with my existing makeup.

Tada! Just one more step to completion. img_4326

To give the picture a little more definition, you must make image clearer, so here goes.
Edit-> Sharpen

My flawless complexion is now complete, curated and ready to launch on Instagram.

Same goes for some other #dblchinmotd shots.

img_4090  img_4107 img_4108 img_4109

Instagram Worthy Pic.

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