Family Shoot with Cloud Productions

Yay I updated again in less than 2 weeks, good job clara!
At the rate that I’m going, confirm guarantee chop I’ll hit my quota of more than 1 post per month, Lol.
Ok jokes aside, I think it’ll be easier to add in more of my life snippets, very informal yet something I’ll be able to look back and reminisce on. So cross fingers I’ll be able to pin down little details of my life!

Today’s post is definitely a worthy one because is a family Photo shoot with Cloud Productions!
We didn’t have a proper family shoot after Travis was born, to be honest I wanted to do this for a long long time but I’m such a procrastinator I didn’t bother to find time to source for photographers or coordinate with any of them. But you know what?! The Law of Attraction heard my prayers and holler Cloud Productions to come and do a shoot together. I’m such a lucky being!
After postponing twice (Travis was quite ill previously) and almost canceling the actual fix day shoot due to weather conditions, we eventually managed to carry out the shoot on the same day after a quick change of location.

Initially I had many concerns with regards to the shoot because Ryleigh is a very strong-willed child, is not easy get her to do cater to your needs or your request easily. My #1 concern is our twinning outfit, she only wants to wear the clothes that she approves off and I have no idea how to persuade her to wear something that coincides with the theme. #2 Ry has a sorta oddball kinda personality, though she mostly behaves like a normal child, 80% of the time she will bailout when she feels uncomfortable in any situation. She will refuse to corporate and no amount of cajole will get her to budge. #3 Travis has not done any shoot w us before, so I’m not sure if this fatty will corporate even though he is not as strong willed as his sista.

Well, my all concerns were met because Cloud productions really have a way of handling children when it comes to family photography. Our photographer Irene is so patient with my kids, she will take time to warm them up before getting everyone into ‘action’.Even though there is a stipulated timing to the shoot, I can see that Irene’s no.1 priority is to achieve good shots rather than calling it a day when the time is up. I really salute her patience, I think she can mother my kids better than me lol.

So sorry for being wordy, without further ado, here are the photos:

Travis started off a little annoyed by the whole situation but eventually lightened up after sometime.

Pardon my chubby face but I love how ry look in here, definitely one of my favs!

Big thank you to The Mystic Gardens for the flower corsages.

Irene really captured the essence of my little ones:
Playful with a touch of cheekiness~

Not a common sight for them to embrace each other lovingly lol, I’m thankful that Irene manage to capture this on camera!

Dear Travis, on you 18th birthday I’m gonna show everyone you are more swag than you think with that droplet of drool hanging out from the corner of your lips at 21months old.

Thank you Cloud Products for the Teddy!

What precious shots, really haven’t done this in a long long time. It feels good to be back in your arms~

Lets do this more often shall we?

A quick change for a look for a 2nd shoot!
If only that fatty is looking into the camera, but then again I learn to treasure the little imperfections.
That is what makes life interesting.

We are literally hogging the slide for this shot haha!

Thank you Cloud Productions for capturing these memorable moments!

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❥ dblchin ❥

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