Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint

I’m pretty big on Lip products recently, not just wearing them for blog reviews but actually wearing them out on the streets.

Even though bold colours make my pale asian skin pretty outstanding, I actually wear subtle colours most of the time, especially with lip tints and stains.

With the recent Launch from Etude House, I’m more than happy to dress my lips up as the choices are endless in creating careful gradation or just smearing it all over my lips.

Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint

Comes in a array of 5 delicious shades.Etude-House-Snowy-Desser-t-Pudding-Tint3

Accompanied with a mini spatula, this Jelly-like texture lip tint gives a bouncy texture to the lips ‘Dionk Dionk~’

By that I mean literally melting on my lips once it touches the skin surface, is so easy to glide it almost feels a little oily. However, if it does, blot light with a tissue to mattify the appearance slightly.

To be honest, is quite impossible to dig a ‘good amount’ (by my standard) as the tip of the spatula’s designed in a way that is so rounded is hard to scoop the product out.
For those who doesn’t mind the messiness, perhaps your ring finger is deemed more appropriate in picking up the product.
Etude-House-Snowy-Desser-tPudding-Tint5   swatch

Here are the swatches on my lips:

RD302 Apple
A Fresh yummy shade of red.

PK002 Lychee
Almost clear in shade with just a tint of cloudy pink.


PK001 Grapefruit
Is coral~! ok scratch that! Is pink! Nonono… I think is Coral, ok looks little pink under this lighting.
Coral or pink? Perhaps a little of both in between.

R201 Apricot
Orangey red is probably the best description but literally this shade is the appearance of an apricot


RD301 Strawberry
A deep pink as a whole.
Created a little gradation from deep to light pinks.
The colour payoff is awesome, is not only moisturizing and glossy, it actually lasted!
The fact that touch ups is necessary to regain the shine, Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint actually leaves a lovely stain on your lips after you have completed your meal as if is another lip technique all together.
What a way to go gloss before meal and matte after :D

Thanks for sending them babies over Etude House!

*Products courtesy of Etude House, opinions are my own

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