Etude House Snowy Desert Play 101 Pencil + Ginger Cookie Palette


Here’s to part 3 of my Snowy Desert collection from Etude House. I have kept this post in my draft for the longest time and I really want to churn this out asap.
So here’ a brief review on the products.

Etude House Play 101 Pencil
DSC03776 DSC03780
Snowy Dessert Play 101 Pencil retails at S$12.00

Strong and vivid this what best describe these play pencils.
It is so multi-functional I can use it all over my face; eyes, cheeks and lips (highlighting cupids bow) even!
The colour payoff is moderate but it is a breeze to draw these pencils on my skin. I know some pencils can be a little dry and may give the user a hard time to complete even a straight line but with Etude House Play 101 Pencils, even the beginners will find it a breeze to use.
Their colours are much more than these, a lot of lighter shades could be uses as highlight on brow bones or inner corners of the eyes.
Etude House Snowy Desert Play 101 Pencil comes in various finishes (shimmer, glitter or creamy) for easy and fun makeup.

Etude House Ginger Cookie
Snowy Dessert Ginger Cookie Blusher Retails at S$24.90, Snowy Dessert Cookie Contour Maker Retails at $23.90

Contour has never been more fun with pictures of Gingerbread man, tell me how cute it looks!
See that cookie cake eagerly waiting to hug the bristles of your brush!

How thoughtful to incorporate 2 colour choices on their blush palette; days when I feel a little more girly I’ll swirl my brushes around the empty spaces surrounding Mr Ginger and apply them on my cheeks. On days I like a kiss from the sun, I’ll definitely go for the peachier shade.
Colours come out really light and subtle even after using my fingers to swatch, do prime your face if you wished to inject stronger colour pigments.

Contour ‘A’ tends to look albeit too deep on light asian skin like mine, so go easy on buffering the colours onto your hollower areas or use a fan brush to minimize overloading the colours, this way you’ll have better control and work those shades up if need be.
Shade B leans more towards to the pearl yellow region, excellent use for strobing, highlighting the key points of your face especially the bridge of the nose and cheeks. However with its infused shimmer, I wouldn’t recommend using this around the lower cheek area as it will give an overly done look.

Finally I’ve churn out my ‘Xmas’ presents!Hope you like my review and thanks ETUDE HOUSE~

*products are sponsored, opinions are my own

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