Etude House 2015 Jan/Feb Collection (Valentine’s Look)

If you have followed my blog closely, you would’ve known that I’m a big fan of Etude house.
Their products payoff is equally as awesome as their fancy packaging. Even thought Etude house is widely available and not just cater for the professionals, I still enjoy using their products on my clients (see brow mascara).

This time round I have with me an array of 2015 products, something perfect for spring.

To me Spring is all about transiting into bright bold colours, thus I was given a selection of 3 lip colours, from bold to neutral.

Dear My Wish Lips-Talk
(from Top: PK001, PK003, BE101)

I have to say Etude house lip colours are da bomb, not only the colours look good on the lipstick they are actually very creamy when applied on!
Nowadays with my private limited time frame, instead of focusing mainly on my eyes, I perk myself awake with bolder lip colours .
Seriously after having an infant around, you don’t have the luxury of time to sit through a whole session of making up without getting interrupted. There was an occasion I had to carry little Ryleigh while dolling up and she nearly chomped down my lipstick, lol.

Here I have with me product pictures of the lipstick, the swatch and my very #fotd.

(BE 101)
A very nudish colour that looks best when matched with a gloss to give it a polish finish for my skin colour.



Swatch from the press kit looks a little different from the ones I’m wearing now, well a good difference at least!
This one shown here is more leaning towards the rose colour, while the one I’ve received and swatched is a relatively bright pink shade. I’m guessing it might be due to the lighting used.
Nonetheless, I actually do enjoy the real deal! I actually looked pretty kpop with this shade of pink.


Given the fact that I’m so fair, this kind of cherry red never fails to make me look very outstanding.
This is definitely a bold night out colour to parties and dinner, my friend are always giving me a thumbs up for sporting this mega bold shade.


Stay Up Foundation
A foundation that helps to even out Bumpy skin texture, conceal redness as well as provide moisture.
Most importantly, a base with SPF PA++ that helps to shield your skin from the sun.

Stay Up Foundation helps to give me the needed coverage as it contains moisture, it will give you the glowy dewy kbeauty look . All in all I really like the texture of the foundation as it glides effortlessly on my skin.



Beige-#4-¦ú+¦-÷_140819_MC¦+-+¦+÷¦+-(2) Sand-#5-+˜¦s_140819_MC¦+-+¦+÷¦+-(1)
Swatches on all 3 colours that I’ve received
For a Pink based foundation–> Rosy
For a Yellow base Foundation–>Biege
For Beige Base Foundation –> Sand

As you can see Rosy is the best match as it blends well into my skin tone.

Do check out my latest Valentine’s look using Etude House products!

Hope you enjoy my review! Do head down to your nearest Etude House store to check them out for yourself!

*Etude House Dear My Wish Lips-talk Retails at Price $17.90 (3.5g)
*Etude House Stay Up Foundation at Price (Pls advise – $26.00) (25g)

*This is a sponsored review however all opinions are my own.


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