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Hihi dblchinis!!!
Rich bunch of Tresses is uber important especially to girls. I really do.
but to maintain them is a chore, coz I can never find something that runs suitable for my hair.
My hair gets dry and brittle after cyclical colouring and constant contact with heat.

So When Essentials decided to send me their products to try out I totally & literally jumped for joy(imagine a garden of roses)

I’ve tried their products before but I haven’t been able to try all a FULL Range all at once.
So my great opportunity came by….

When thesamplestore snt me not only

1 FULL Range from Essential Rich Premier

But 2 COMPLETE range from for ‘testing’ !!!
actually no need to test, I already experience most of the Goodness in essentials.

Essentials Nuance Airy

The staples: Shampoo and conditioner for smooth and manageable hair.
I do like their shampoo quite a bit! Smells really awesome at the same time not too drying to my hair.
But still, remember to do deep cleansing on you hair once a week to avoid accumulation of oil, resulting to greasy scalp.
Conditioner is not too bad but dull to the fact that they have stronger haircare options in this range that makes me think that Condition is nothing at all.

The Treatment
Actually I would simply ditch their conditioner and use this treatment instead.
Of course, like what I’ve mentioned earlier, nothing to do with the quality of their conditioner. Essentials just seems to make us spoilt for choice with this treatment product.
It works like a conditioner except that I have to leave this on my hair a wee bit longer than conditioner before rinsing off.

Out of all the rinse off condition, Treatment, I heart this most—->the hairmask!!!
This is the ultimate hair saviour.
The Ultra honey and Shea butter is really awesome, makes my hair smooth and less damaged after use. Best of all, it smells great! I’m so bloody digging it.

The Pink Version “for Light and bouncy hair” works the same way too.
Of course, for a different purpose.
If you wish for a bouncier, lighter feel to your hair.
This is the one to go for.
Once again, the shampoo and conditioner.


And not forgetting the intensive hair mask Equipped with Ultra Honey & Shea Butter.

But do u know whats the ultimate product can turn u from
‘Rapunzel with hair like haysack’

Rapunzel, the prince only wants to kiss your hair’ ??????

The leave-in lotion and Serum

It really works for me, like this is the only product that only works for my brittle hair.
But the product content is really TOO LITTLE!!!
Coz I have to use at least 5 pumps on each side of my hair for it to work!
Yes is a little too much usage, But it really works.
I’m utterly amazed.

Lets check out the contents shall we?

Essencetial Rich Premier Lotion
Pumps out opaque, very easy application
Works BEST together with intensive hair mask n if you use them together, the result is dynamic. Like u bf will never ever complain that u flick ur hair in result to slapping his face.
My fav item from essentials.

Essentials Nuance Airy
Pumps our clear, easy application, feels like normal hair serum.
Pink is not an intense favourite coz it doesn’t works as good as the above but still it is good enough to just give a glaze on normal and healthy hair.

Lets check out their TVC shall we?

Overall verdict?
I m all thumbs up for the AnnoyingOrange, Rich Premier Version.
Because the colour of the packing is so flaming hot that strongly justified the products inside.
Thanks essential for making dblchiochin.

*Though these products are fully sponsored, every word on this blog entry expresses my own honest thoughts and opinion.


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