Dr. Young Triple Action BB Cream

Hi! lets talk about the latest Korean sensation Dr Young.
No… this person is neither a singer nor a band but definitely something celebrities and everyday women cannot be short of and probably the most essential item in your makeup bag,

Introducing… Dr Young Triple Action BB Cream! Tada!DSC00009Nowadays BB creams has brought themselves to another level more than just giving coverage to the skin. With Dr Young Triple Action BB Cream, I can assure my skin will be well protected from the Sun. Not only that, it comprises the function of whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV Block functions all at the same time. This way I’ll get to keep my skin safe from the harsh environment!

Of course to put Dr Young Triple Action BB Cream to the test, we first have to start with a clean face.
My skin is eh not that bad but you’ll notice slight pigmentation and dark circles and eye bags. Also I have some clogged pores around the nose and cheek area, very mild but still, visible to the eye.

I’m throwing in slightly more than a pea size amount for application.
I’m not so keen on a thick coverage on a normal day to day basis unless I’m heading out to a special function or wedding dinner. Of course if is insufficient, I can always double up the amount.
Dr Young Triple Action BB Cream contains Ingredients such as Arbutin that gives a powerful whitening effect,
Licorice Extract prevents pigmentation while Adenosine and White Flower Complex resolve wrinkle issues and recover damaged skin.
Soybean Ferment Extract, a natural moistening substance also provides intense moisture, while Portulaca Oleracea Extract and Centella Asiatica Extract soothe skin irritation. With that Is delightful to know that people with the most sensitive skin is able to use this product.

I’ll create little dots on the following areas of my face for more even coverage before blending in the BB Cream.
You can either use a sponge to blend or be like me, use finger tips! I find that using fingertips helps to ensure a more natural look probably because of the skin (fingertips) to skin(face) contact.

Like I’ve mentioned previously, I’ll usually skip thick coverage unless is something important.
Thus the picture below shows a comparison of partial VS full face coverage.
While both are of natural coverage, if you notice closely on the left pic, I’ve completely skipped applying the upper portion of my eyelid, where else the one on the right has BB cream all over my face and eyes.
Say, If I’m planning to throw in one or two eyeshadow colour I’ll definitely go for the one on the right, however if I were to head out plain face, the look on the left is ideal.

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