Double Dutch Braid, Opening Back Order on ‘Lash For Order’

The other day when I was having ample time on my hands I decided to try out a double dutch braid before heading out.
Judging from the pictures you already already know this is very much a posted dated blogpost as I’ve had my hair cut shorter a while ago, so sorry for digging up all my old post, I actually missed my skinnier self (24 weeks at the time of pregnancy)
I love side braids because is the easiest and laziest way to keep my hair away from my face and it looks like I’ve spent a great deal of effort fixing up my hair, actually it takes less than 10 mins to get all of these in place.
Easy peasy.

There are methods of stacking both braids together but since I haven’t had the time to properly figure out the tying method, I braided the top piece connecting to my crown pieces instead and braided a separate piece at the back, then bobby pin them together to look like is stacking nicely on top of each other.

Lash for order” is available again!
Thanks for the wonderful response the last time round!

I will also be selling double eyelid tape shown here:
There are 2 sizes available, respective size M and L,
I’ve been using them for a while now and I love how invisible it looks when I put them on but of course under certain lighting you might still capture a bit of the double eyelid tape. However, I have to say this is the best of stick on eyelid tapes I’ve come across yet (I’m still sourcing out for even better ones in the market). Also this is much easier to handle as compare to Miss bow bow which I’ve talked about here before.

I’ll be taking in orders from now,  cut off date will be 10 July (Goods will arrive after 17th July) do let me know if you are keen on ordering the above!
For Falsies- Minimum qty is 1 box (9 pairs/10 pairs per box depending on the quality)
For Double eyelid tape Size M or L- Minimum 1 pack (48 pairs)
Please forward your query to or PM Dblchin Blog Facebook to find out more.

In case you need to know the code I’m wearing here is Dbl-2 for top lash and Dbl-2b for bottom lash.


ok random but still….came across a pic of my irritating double chin which I’m desperately trying to get rid of, it looks subtle in real but it actually shows up in photos!
Look how sharp and defined my chin looks after photoshopping?! I want the after lol!
Ok that’s all for Thursday update!
Tomorrow is assignment day again, jia you jia you jia you!


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