[DIY] How to depot your lipstick

I’ve seen different methods of depotting your lipsticks into a palette; some prefers heating the product under fire (with a metal spoon) while other prefers cutting chunks of lipsticks into each palette and microwaving to melt them altogether but my favorite way of doing it is melting my lipsticks over the flat iron which I’ll show you how in a bit.

Lets start of with this mess.
This is the lip palette which I use heavily during my makeup assignment consisting of my few favourite colours (mostly cater for brides). Just to name a few: The Body Shop, Lime Crime, MAC, ZA, Bobbi Brown, NYX etc.
I was almost embarrassed every time I bring this out for assignment because of the way the lipsticks were randomly cut and chuck into their individual palettes. It looks really messy and it always falls out of place when I open them.
I knew about depotting lipsticks back then but I didn’t think much of it until I came across a random video that teaches you to melt and depot lipstick using a flat iron, that was when finally I lit my light bulb lol.

Ok inorder to depot your lipsticks, you need a few things:

  •  A wide flat Iron
  • A metal Saucer with flat base
  • An empty palette
  • A tiny utility tong, wooden clothes peg is workable too.
  • Rubbing/Isopropyl Alcohol (for cleaning)

    (If you do not have a flat iron, you may consider using the fire method which I’ve mentioned at the start of my blog entry)

    Before you start, clean all parts in contact with lipstick with alcohol, this will help to sanitize everything.

    #1. On your flat iron, lay it out like so.
    I set it at 180-200 degrees C.

#2 Get ready your saucer & cut the lipstick in (sorry no lipstick to show but I’m sure u get what I mean)

#3 Place them on top of the flat iron to melt.

#4 When it has fully melted, pour the liquefy product into your palette.
Clean your metal saucer and then repeat step 1-4 for all other colours .


Tada! Here you have it, an array of your favourite lip colours all in one palette!
I know is not ‘perfect’ but you’ll notice with practice it gets better as you go down the rows~

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