Dior Backstage Tour- Dior Addict IT Line, Dior IT Lash

A while ago I was invited to a intimate session with few other bloggers for Dior’s Backstage launch (Location at Ion).

This was my first time stepping in to Dior backstage boutique, I have to say I’m in awe and taken away by the majestic presentation of their products.
Dior is no doubt truly one of the living legends of prestige brands in the market.

A mandatory shot with the ‘Wheel of fortune’ like setting here.
I believe this is the selling point that makes its interior special. BS3 BS4 BS5

With the crazy array of colours I cannot help letting out the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ whenever a new palette is shown to me.

The massive array of foundation that already occupies a quarter of the studio, these are like treasures to my eyes.

After giving you a short tour round the studio, I would like to introduce the feature of the day:
Dior Addict IT
The tool the helps create dazzlingeyes that make an impact.

In this post I’m going talk more about their IT-Line because I’m blown away by the amazing intensity that this liner has to offer.

It last all day and is very opaque. I’ve been using this liner on my clients and I have to say once you get the line drawn, there is no budging to it!

I actually posted this on my instagram:
“Not so much on trying to make comparison with a drug store brand (see La Rose de Versailles) but rather to show you the intensity of Dior Addict IT line. Also The pink liner is a big hit among the younger gen! Is amazing how these prestige labels decide to jump into the bandwagon of crazy shades.”

Drawn using IT Line in black on my eyelid, it gives a slightly glossier finish than my usual liner.

Winging out the with Dior’s fashion colour pink. IMG_7859
Hope you like my review!


*Dior Backstage Studio is located at at ION Orchard, #B2-44/46.

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