Cyber Colors Anti-Lines Lip Lacquers

DSC02142 Sasa has always been generous in sending me new products to try out.
This time round I’m stoke to have received not just a few but 10 lip shades from Cyber Colors!

Being a makeup junkie, I (obviously) swatched all colours in one sitting.
(Do read till the end to check out my favourite few shades.)

Cyber Colors Anti-Lines Lip Lacquers combines the richness of lipstick and the radiance of a gloss. One stroke creates a pigmented luscious lips.
Formulated with lotus water, sunflower seed oil and other nourishing ingredients, this gorgeous lip lacquer provides significant anti-oxidant protection and long lasting hydration.

Cyber Colors Anti-Lines Lip LacquersDSC02150From Left: #1 Vivid Orange, #2 Pop Pink, #3 Violet Pink, #4 Secret Berry,  #5 Blooming Peach, #6 Adorable Biege, #7 Pink Balloon, #8 Forever Pink, #09 Shiny Red, #10 Classic Red

Lipsticks are like fashion, they make you become a real woman

-Marilyn Monroe

With my bare lips, I’m yet a women But I shall be, so read on.

#1 Vivid OrangeDSC02169A Strong, Bold Shade of Orange that pops.

#2 Pop PinkDSC02173Probably the trendiest colour in the market now, that overly sweet Barbie pink.

#3 Violet PinkDSC02195That tinge of purple undertone.

#4 Secret BerryDSC02207Lovely shade that reminds me of a particular super fruit, the Cherry.

#5 Blooming PeachDSC02212Sweet, light, and the colour closest to a coral in this set.

#6 Adorable BiegeDSC02233Colour almost as nude as my skin but it helps refresh a look completely.

#7 Pink BalloonDSC02238Who doesn’t like that shade of Bubblegum Pink?

#8 Forever PinkDSC02241Challenging to describe but let just say it stands between the pinks and reds.

#09 Shiny RedDSC02247That feisty red I have there, so much chilli.

#10 Classic RedDSC02250A Beefy red that brings out the old.

Not only the colours are pigmented, cyber color is also goes on high gloss with awesome payoff.
The only downside is, even though the press releases state that is long lasting, it actually isn’t… Except for the 2 redder shades (#09 and #10)
Which I do not mind at all, most ladies reapply lipsticks after meal anyway.
Because Cyber Colors Anti-Lines Lip Lacquer is has anti-oxidant properties, it helps to smoothen fines lines making the lips appear fuller and vividly.


Out of the 10 colours, I have to say my favourite is #04 Secret Berry (check out my instagram worthy #MOTD) and probably an occasional boost of #10 classic red.


Cyber Colors Anti-Lines Lip Lacquers (retails S$24.90) are available exclusively at all Sasa stores and SELECTIV’ by Sasa @ ION Orchard Link.

*Products are sponsored, opinions are my own.

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