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This post might probably be a little too late because my hair had already faded to a shade of ash blonde ombre. However, don’t get me wrong, I still received tons of compliments regarding this hair colour even thought I’m not so please with the overdue colour.
I’m so glad this backlog post which is hibernating in my list of drafts since may is going to see light when I’m done writing. Fyi my hair was coloured in may, so it has been a whooping 3 months since I last fix them at shunji Matsuo. Is so tragic that I had to monetarily pause my current sponsorship because of school, but guess what? I will be graduating as a Professional Makeup Artist in 2 weeks time (that if I manage to pass my exams) and yays to no more school stress, my life can finally get back on track.Back to the hair, My previous colour was purple, pretty much a deep and dark royal purple. Comparing to the blue I did way earlier, it seems like the way it fades is nicer as compared to the purple.
So this time round I told Justin to change it back to blue and it needs to be super attention seeking because I can’t live without a day of drama in my life.
Scratch that, I’m a bold individual chick with light fashion sense and therefore I must bring out the me in me.

And so Justin gets down and dirty with his gloves.

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The processed started by bleaching the darker ares, from the root area stopping 1/2 way down.My head was then inserted into this UFO which emits heat to hasten the chemical reaction. Not long after my hair is bleached out.

 photo DSC00131.jpg
 photo DSC00135.jpgA 2nd application was then applied from root to ends and here are the results after bleaching.

 photo DSC00142.jpg
 photo DSC00143.jpgI guess this was not enough for the blue to latch on, so  I had to go for another round of bleaching but before that let me show u a guy from far distance in the process of colouring his hair neon purple. Alright, he win hands down!

 photo DSC00144.jpg photo DSC00154.jpg

 photo DSC00146.jpg
 photo DSC00150.jpg
Soon after the 3 round of bleaching, I’m ready for blue.
 photo DSC00155.jpg
 photo DSC00160.jpgJustin swatch a small sample and I gave him my approval to proceed!

 photo DSC00161.jpgRachel from The Cambelles happens to be there for hair colouring session too!

 photo DSC00163.jpg
 photo DSC00164.jpg
The first round of colouring wasn’t too good, there are plenty of misses everywhere, so Justin went for another coat of blue and the shade of blue came out  beautifully.
 photo DSC00167.jpg
 photo DSC00169.jpgHowever, the next day it was NSFW so I bought a packet of dark cocoa dye and coloured the crown area black, as time goes by it faded into this super gorgeous ombre effect. I’ve been asked umpteen times where I colour my hair even thought the colour is already very washed out and received numerous compliments for it.

 photo IMG_0342.jpg
 photo IMG_0512.jpgAs of now my hair is left with very little blue.
but you could catch a glimpsed of the shade when I flip my hair sideways or reveal the underside of my hair.
And Yes I promised I will go touch up once my exam is over and I can haz pretty hair again!

 photo IMG_1563.jpg

Look for my trusty colourist Justin @ Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon:
391 Orchard Road #05-23,
Ngee Ann City Podium B
Singapore 238872
Appointments: (65) 62381522, (65) 62381514



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