CNY 2017

Most of you know I’m grounded this CNY because I just had a baby.

Ok, in case you are from other parts of the world and not sure what I mean by being ‘grounded’, it basically means when a woman first had a baby, her body is weaken by childbirth thus she is to confined in her own compound for the 1st one month to recuperate. We called that confinement.

I’m pretty much a prisoner in my own cell, especially when I’m tempted with so much yummy goodies for this Chinese New Year. Well, I guess it didn’t stop me from enjoy the perks of cny for I know if I can’t grab some fun, I’ll let the thrills come to me!

My hubby had specially arranged to hold our reunion dinner ala steamboat style at our place (instead of the annual affair over at his mums) so our family can still come together and enjoy the food and kinship. Although I’m not allowed to touch the food that was laid out on the table, I’m still happy that my nanny cooked a separate portion of confinement food so that I could join my family at the dinner table.

DSC06713 DSC06717

DSC06718 DSC06719 DSC06720 DSC06722 DSC06725 DSC06727 DSC06728 DSC06731

The first few days of days of cny Hubs brought Ry out for house visiting, since I can’t go I seize the opportunity to grab a few pics with the family in my wretched clothes. It was nice to see her in cute and pretty outfits but apparently she’s not a fan of the camera haha.
DSC06737 DSC06743 DSC06750 DSC06755 DSC06761

On Cny day 3 I had my parents and my closest cousin over while my nanny cooks for the whole family, what a gem she is! Actually my confinement nanny is not obligated to cook for anyone else except me because she’s engaged to only care for me and the baby. Is really nice of her to go the extra mile to cook extras whenever I have guests over. Mummies who are interested in engaging my nanny, do let me know in the comments section below.

After dinner is a good chance to 捞一笔! so we got our God of fortune aka my dad to be the banker for game of blackjack. But hor being the model Singaporean, we ‘never’ gamble w money la. Look! We used shapes emoji as stakes, just like any other lawfully abided citizen.

 DSC06770 DSC06777 DSC06784 DSC06787

From time to time I have some lovely visitors that really genuinely cares about me dropped by to visit.
Friends and family just so you know, I really appreciate your warm visits and presence. Thank you so so much for bringing love to me and my little one.

❥ dblchin ❥

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  • JingTing

    Chanced upon your blog as I’m looking for a good CL who’s willing to work cny 2018. First time mum and feeling jittery. Could you share with me her style of caring for baby & her contacts?

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